The Boy Who Came And Went

Sam, abused and told he didn't belong anywhere. He believed it, and lived his life like they were right... until now.
*Strong language may occur!* *You have been warned!*


7. Leaving

As Sam was driving down a highway, he couldn’t help but think of his dad, and of his old life back home, when he was younger. He thought of how his father abused him, and how his father neglected him anything but a few pairs of clothes, food, and an old mattress on the floor. He also thought of how his dad would hit him, almost every night when he got home, and how his father didn’t care whether or not he left visible bruises. Sam’s father knew that Sam was to scared to tell anyone anything, so his father just didn’t care.         

Sam liked how some of his neighbors would ask Sam to help him with something just to get him to be more social. Sam didn’t really talk to anyone, or go to anyone’s house because he was afraid that they’d find out about his father. His father never celebrated holidays with Sam, so Sam would be invited by a neighbor to go to their house for the holidays. He enjoyed it so much that Sam went to his neighbor, Peter’s, house to celebrate every holiday with him. Peter was the closest thing Sam had to a friend, so he really appreciated everything Peter did for him.

Sam was shaken out of his reverie by the sound of a horn. Sam looked up to see that the stoplight had turned green, and there was a line of vehicles waiting to pass by. Sam put his foot on the gas, and he kept driving. He didn’t know where he was going to stay for the night, so he figured that he’d find somewhere to park his truck for the night.

Sam pulled into the woods while biting into a burger. He parked his truck and began to get into the back of the truck when he heard a noise. The noise startled him, so he dropped what was left of his burger. He quickly reached up front, and he grabbed his hunting knife. He then continued to head out of his truck, and then he turned around to see if he could find anyone.

“Anyone out there? I am armed, and I am not afraid to go to jail!” Sam lied to who or whatever is out there, and himself too. He isn't afraid to go to jail, but he is afraid of being arrested for an unregistered weapon, even if it is a knife. Although, it is a pretty big knife, and he could get some serious time for it if the police were to show up.

A/N-- I know that this chapter is kind of short, and it isn't very good. But I am having a bit of writers block, and hopefully, a certain someone could give me some ideas on how the story will go in the next chapter.

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