The Boy Who Came And Went

Sam, abused and told he didn't belong anywhere. He believed it, and lived his life like they were right... until now.
*Strong language may occur!* *You have been warned!*


12. Home

"Can we please stop? I am about to pee out a waterfall in this seat if you don't stop soon." Phillipe said while squeezing his thighs together and trying not to think about liquids.

"We stopped three hours ago. We shouldn't need to stop again for another hour or two!" Sam said while suppressing a laugh.

"Just because you trained your bladder to hold a thousand gallons of pee doesn't mean that everyone else does it," Phillipe said still struggling to hold it in. "Do you really have to hit EVERY pot hole in the damn road?!"

"I don't hold my pee for a long time. I just love when you are struggling. It's adorable to see you-" Sam suddenly cuts off his sentence after he realized what he had said to Phillipe. "I will stop at the next gas station. I need to fill up and get more snacks anyway."

"Thank God! I don't know how much longer I can hold it. I shouldn't have drank all of the water at the motel this morning." It's true, the boys stayed at the hotel to sleep on actual beds, and, after some weird looks from some old folks, they retired to their room to sleep. They only got one room because it was way cheaper than paying for two separate rooms. Plus, the boys could look out for each other that way. 

"Yeah. Dumb judgement on your part." Sam says laughing at Phillipe.

"Still, it was pretty fun at the motel. Especially the pool. " Phillipe said with a mischevious grin as they began to talk about the events that had happened at the pool last night. 

"You still shouldn't have kissed him! The other parents were so mad that I thought they would burn us at the stake." Sam says while he finished laughing at the thought of the surprise all of the homophobes got last night.

"Well, I don't like homophobic pricks like them people at the motel. Plus, it was either kiss him, who was gay, or kiss you..." Phillipe trailed off, secretly wishing that he would have kissed Sam instead of Phillipe.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sam asked.

"What's what supposed to mean? I didn't kiss you because you aren't gay... Are you?"

"I don't know. I have never been with a guy. I have only been with women before, and that never worked out for me." Sam explained himself quietly, quite embarrassed about liking Phillipe but never being with a man before.

"Oh. I'm sorry. Why didn't it ever work out? I mean come on, you're like, really handsome." Phillipe said, almost instantly regretting calling Sam handsome to his face. He is afraid that Sam will realize how he truly feels and get angry.

"It never worked out because I wasn't very open, you know why, and they got mad thinking that I was cheating on them, sot hey would go out and cheat on me. Y-you think that I'm handsome?" Sam asked hesitantly.

"Um... yeah. I mean. Come one. Haven't you looked in a mirror? Every girl and some guys stare at you when you walk by them. You're tall, muscular, you have a great personality, and let's not to forget to mention, great hair. Where do you get it done at?" Phillipe said to Sam after a moment of trying to find the right words to make sure Sam doesn't hate him.

"I don't really look in mirrors that often. I highly doubt that girls and guys stare at me when I walk down the street. I bet you they barely notice me. I cut my hair myself. It took a couple of tries to get it to look right when I first started cutting my hair, but I eventually got it."

Sam and Phillipe found a gas station about five miles after the truck had gone silent after their conversation trailed off. 

"THANK GOD!" Phillipe yelled as he ran to the store, accidentally hitting a man in the shoulder and making him drop his stuff. "Sorry!" Phillipe yelled while running towards the bathroom on the other side of the gas station.

"Watch where you're going next time, ya faggot!" The stranger yelled at Phillipe, whilst trying to gather his stuff up.

Sam heard what the stranger had said, and ran over to the stranger after putting the lid back on the tank. "Excuse me?! What did you just call him?" Sam asked furious that the stranger had called him that. He didn't even know Phillipe! He had no right to call him, or anyone else a faggot for that matter.

"I called him a faggot! Do you have a problem with that?" The stranger asked, not even bothering to look at Sam as he started to put the Slim Jim's back into the bag. 

"I do have a problem with that. Just because he accidentally ran into you on his way to the bathroom doesn't give you permission to use that word. It is rude and disrespectful towards anyone, especially gays." Sam explained getting angrier at the thought of the stranger being rude towards Phillipe.

"I don't give a flying fuck. That queer can go fucking burn in Hell for his sins." The stranger went on, dissing gays.

"Excuse me?!?!? Are you kidding me right now? It's our lifestyle, and you  don't have the right to fucking be an arrogant, pig-headed, ass hat." Sam stopped himself before he got too angry and lost his temper. 

Phillipe ad just come out of the bathroom and was beginning to look around the store for some of Sam and his favorite chips, kettle cooked barbaque. Just the thought made him hungry for them again. He had found the chip isle when he heard yelling outside. He started walking towards the door to see what's going on. When he got closer, he hears that it is the stranger he bumped into and Sam. Oh God. What was going on? Phillipe broke into a jog to try and get to the door as fast as he could. When he gets out there, he leans against the window silently, listening in on what was going on. 

"-you kidding me right now? It's our lifestyle, and you don't have the right to fucking be an arrogant, pig-headed, ass hat." Holy shit. Sam was defending me. I wonder what was going on before I started listening in...  

"I am not the one sleeping with another man. You guys are! So, why don't you just shut the fuck up and leave me alone, huh? Or else."

"Or else what? I'm not scared of you." Sam said in a questioning voice.

"You don't want to find out."

"Actually, I think that I do. I'm not going to let an ass-hole like you, bad mouth the guy that I like. The only guy that has accepted me, and that I don't feel like I bother. Got it?" Sam said, not realizing that Phillipe is standing at the front of the gas station, listening to his every word.

"Fine. Do you want to go around back then? Or are you to scared to get your ass kicked by a straight man?" The stranger asked menacing tone.

"Let's go then. I am so tired of people pushing me and everyone else around." Sam said, walking towards the back of the gas station. Sam was so glad that Phillipe has been giving him fighting lessons the week or two that they have been on the road.

They are now at the back of the store, and Phillipe sneaks around the corner to watch what was going to happen next. Sam and the stranger stood about five feet from each other and took their stances.

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