An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Luke is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life.


14. Short Staffed.

Luke was comfortably spread out across my sofa beside me as we sat and watched a movie called ‘The Fight’. It was about a boxer who was training to compete in the championships or something like that…I’m not totally sure if I’m honest, it wouldn’t be my first choice for a film to watch and I was getting kind of bored. Luke began to laugh as I squirmed at a gory fight scene and I replied with a playful hit to his surprisingly hard stomach. 

" that what you do?" I asked him curiously.


"Fight...? Yeah." He replied quickly after.


"For the championships?" I carried on. Then he chuckled and answered my query,


"No, not exactly." The room then fell silent and only the movie was heard. I was confused when he said he didn’t fight in the championships, maybe it was just a hobby. No, the girls in the cafe told me about that story when he won that big fight and then beat up those other guys. I shivered at the thought.

 I stopped thinking about Luke and his boxing and started to watch the film again.

 "You know, it could be worse." A guy in the movie spoke. "At least it wasn't Illegal." Those were the last words that I heard of the film, my eye lids slowly flickering shut as I fell asleep.




I woke the next morning hugging what I thought was a pillow. With my eyes lazily closed I wrapped my arms further around and placed my head onto it. I could feel the warmth on my cheek as I lay there silently. Wait? Pillows aren't warm! I quickly opened my eyes and sat up. Luke was lead on the bed next to me. His bare chest rising and falling as he calmly breathed. My eyes capture in all the details of his toned figure. I had never seen him topless before; I smiled down at his beauty, gently placing my hand onto his warm skin and tracing his abs.  He was gorgeous and looked so peaceful as he slept, the intimidating side of him feeling unreal as I continued to gaze down. This was the first time, other than the kiss, that I felt at ease around him.


 "Mmmm..." His unexpected moan made me jump and I quickly pulled my hand away.


"Heey, come back..." His deep, husky morning voice demanded as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to lie next to him again. He then moved my hand and began to trace the lines on his body with my finger. 


 "That's better." With his eyes still closed a little smile appeared on his face and I giggled. 


 "What's so funny?" Luke spoke with a slight smirk as he pushed me over on the bed and led staring down at me. I looked up at him, my eyes big as I stared and just shrugged my shoulders with a cheeky smile on my face. I then raised my left hand, brushing my fingers through his hair and then running my hand down the centre of his body. He stayed there for a minute, hovering over me, my mind still trying to get over how attractive he was. Then I took a glance at the clock.


"Shit!" I shouted as I tried to push Luke off of me, his strong body not budging at all. 


"What's wrong babe?" He chuckled as he held me down.


"I'm gunna be late for work.” I grumbled in reply, frustrated that I couldn’t move him.


"I thought you told that Joe guy you were free today?" Luke's eyes grew confused and darkened as he said his name.


"Yeah I was. But he called because he needs me to work in the shop because they’re short staffed." My grumbles carried on. I was looking forward to having a day off just relaxing. Some well deserved me time, but obviously not.


"Don't worry about it. Go get ready whilst I make you some breakfast, then I'll drive you." Luke pecked me on the forehead and I smiled as a tingling arose in my stomach. Then he climbed off of me and headed for the bedroom door. I watched him as he walked out of the room; his perfect back muscles making me smile as my eyes travelled his body. I then heard him mumble as he began to walk down the stairs,

 "And if that Joe has something to complain about he can take it up with me..." Shivers instantly ran through my spine. I knew what Luke was capable of...and didn't want him hurting Joe. I have known him for about a year and we've grown really close. He's kind of like my bestfriend, but at the same time he isn’t. Not like a normal bestfriend anyway, there’s just something different about our relationship. Anyhow, once Luke had disappeared from sight I forced myself from my bed, grabbed a towel and went to take a refreshing shower to wake me up.

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