An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Luke is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life.


20. Not What I Was Looking For.

I was waiting for Jess, Sash and Tix to arrive and it seemed to be the longest wait of my life, they were taking forever. My heart briefly jumped in my chest when I heard a panicked knock at my front door, they’re here, and sudden relief filled my body. I quickly jumped off of the sofa and go to answer the door. Three out of breath teenage girls were stood on my porch.


"We came as fast as we could." Sasha managed to force out in between breaths. 


"This better be good Kasey. They made ME run!" Jess panted as she barged passed me and dove herself onto the sofa. Sash, Tix and I just burst out laughing as we followed her into the living room. I let the girls catch their breath back and get settled before I started to explain why I called them.


"So what's wrong?" Tix said eager for the gossip.


"Well..." I watched the girls eyes grow hungry as I paused for a dramatic effect and then giggled. 


"TELL US!" They all shouted at me and Jess playfully punched me gently on the arm. 


"AAHH!" I screamed as she had knocked my still sensitive bruise from when Luke had knocked me over. The girls faces turned confused and then shocked as I slowly rolled my sleeves up revealing the bruises and marks. Quickly after I covered them back up, the girl’s eyes all meeting mine. 

"OH M-"


"WHA-" I interrupted them before they could react.


"Before you say anything. I want to start from the beginning...ok?" The girl’s faces fell serious and they nodded.


"Me and Luke have grown close." I began.


"He's actually a really nice guy." I carried on by telling them about all the things we had done together and about him helping me from the guy in the club and teaching me how to fight. I told them about meeting Chloe and about how she told me to be careful. I then went on and mentioned what he had done to Joe and how protective he seemed of me.


"HE BEAT UP JOE!" Jess screamed at me. But I ignored her and carried on talking. I began to tell them about how the bruises got there, including the ones on my wrists. Their faces became angry and they kept butting in but I wasn't going to stop talking. I told them about our first kiss and how addictive he seemed. After, I enlighten them about Calum and how sweet he was. How he found me on the ground and how we almost kissed. They smiled when I was talking about Calum and ummm'd and aaaah'd when I mentioned the almost kiss. The girl’s expressions changed again when I mentioned what he had said about Luke liking me. Every time I mentioned Luke they would bring their eyebrows together in disgust. This isn't going well I thought to myself. I then mentioned the other night, and about him seeming like he was afraid to show his feelings. Then I asked the girls opinions on what I should do. Bad move Kasey.


"Luke? Afraid of feelings!? WELL DUH! He'll get you into bed and then you won't see him again." Jess laughed with the other girls at her witty comment. I just sat there in silence, waiting for one of them to say something good. But no.


"You don't want to get yourself into this Kasey look what he's done to you already!" 


"Yeeh, Kasey. And think of Joe. Who else will he almost kill because they looked at you!?"


"What if you're the one in the hospital next?!" I could feel the tears starting to build up in my eyes but I didn't want them to see how attached I had became to him. I had only just realized it myself.


"Thanks guys." I smiled at them, and hugged them. I didn't want to argue, I didn't want them to try and stop me from seeing him. But to be honest. I thought they would be more helpful than this, more supportive of my feelings.


"I'm sorry guys; I have to go meet up with someone so do you mind if we meet up again soon?" I stood from the sofa and headed for the front door encouraging them to leave. 


"That's fine, no worries." Jess replied and they all gave me a hug before they left. Once they had gone I shut the door pulled out my phone and dialled a number.




"Hi, is this Chloe?"

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