An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Luke is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life.


8. Let's Talk

Luke stood in front of me smirking at his comment as he rested his hands in the top of his jeans.

"Yeah, right. Don't flatter yourself." I bite back rolling my eyes. I try to hide the fact my face had turned a light shade of red by looking down to the floor, I could tell he had noticed when he brought himself closer to me licking over his lips and trying to make me look again. I'm not gunna lie, I kind of wanted to...but he tried to control me. So I didn’t.


 I frowned up at him and stood from the bed, walking across the room and then headed back down the stairs. When I had reached the bottom I was stopped as Luke quickly ran in front of me. 


"Are you actually going to leave me like this." he chuckled pointing to his crotch. I raised one eye brow, looked down, then back to his face and said a simple,



 "Awww but babe...." he softly spoke as he pulled me against his body. 


 "Luke." I grunted looking up to his grinning face. His hands were placed on my hips, holding me close and I felt as his thumb slipped under my shirt moving in soft circles against my skin.


“Stop it.” I quietly say pushing his hands away from my body.


“Stop doing that. Stop touching me like that.” I continue and as his body still brushes mine, he smirks down at me. I then walk around him, heading the rest of the way down the stairs and sitting myself on the sofa. He quickly follows sitting close beside me the smirk still playing on his face.


“If you’re not going to leave me alone, at least stop touching me.” I continued again and Luke struggled to hold in a laugh placing his hands in his lap.


“Stop it.” I bluntly spat and he raised his eyebrows up and waved his hands at me.


“I have, I have. I'm not touching you!” He insisted.


“No. Stop laughing at me!” I raised my voice slightly only making his smirk grows more.


“Ok…anything else?” He asked me.


“Nope” I cheekily smiled back at him and he chuckled.


“Well so what now…” Luke then grumbled throwing himself backwards into the sofa.


“Wow, Luke Hemmings, finally stuck for something to do.” I laughed and his smirk turned playfully evil.


“Let's talk.” I said and he grunted at my suggestion standing from the sofa.


 "Ok.......That’s my cue to leave; I'll see you tomorrow...pick you up at 8. We're going to a club. Wear something se-" I interrupted before he could finished.


"Wear something sensible. I know." 


 "HAHA! YEH SENSIBLE!" He laughed and then said in a serious voice,

 "A dress." and winked. I rolled my eyes and pushed him towards the door. He didn't budge. After my failure at pushing him he let out a satisfied chuckle then headed to the door and let himself out. 


Once Luke had left I felt strange, I thought I’d feel so relieved but a part of me felt disappointed and I wasn't sure why. Whilst he had been at my house he acted differently, he wasn’t as violent as the other times and not as forceful. He’d been sort of nice. Wait... What? No.

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