An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Luke is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life.


13. I Didn't Know You Had Company...

Luke’s figure towered over me, his blue eyes staring deep into mine and my hand still wrapped around his arm.


"I-I don't want to hurt you." He said in a hushed tone whilst pulling one of my wrists into view and rubbing his thumb across the marks he had made. I glanced at it, slightly shocked at what I saw. He had left his mark on me again and it was already starting to bruise. The mood of the room was cold once more. I feared at what else he was capable of doing to me. But, I didn't want it to be like this. I wanted to be having fun, to find out what this man stood in front of me was really like. Or, maybe I already had.  


I looked up at him grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat and watched a confused look take over his face. Excitement built up in my body as he became more confused.


"Why are you smiling...I hurt you." He angrily spoke still puzzled and I giggled at his response and started to run towards the front door.


"I told you. I want you to stay." I carried on giggling as I locked the door and took the key out.


"And you will!" I shouted letting out a dramatic evil laugh as I sprinted up the stairs with the key in search of a place to hide. I knew I wouldn't be able to out run Luke and his powerful body but confusing him and catching him off guard certainly helped my getaway.


I charged into my room, frantically heading for the first hiding place I could think of, the wardrobe. Just as I had opened the wooden door and was about to climb in, two large hands were placed onto my hips and began to pull me backwards into a warm grip. I gasped not realising he was that close behind me and then giggled again as he pulled me closer. The blonde haired guy kept his grip as he lent down to my ear and whispered,


"Gotcha." I could feel his warm breath against the skin on my neck and could feel his husky voice vibrate against my body sending jitters through me. I catch my breath as I feel his lips softly touch the skin by my ear and then on my ear lobe. I let out a little laugh as his hair brushes against my skin and tickles me as I wriggle in his grip. He then spins me around to face him, our warm chests touching and his hands still on my hips. Luke's eyes stare at me intensely and then he starts to lean in towards my face, his eyes still fixated on mine. My breathing gets heavier the closer he becomes. Was he going to kiss me? Like, genuinely kiss me, for real. He carried on slowly moving towards me and I felt one of his hands wander from my hip round to the back pocket of my pyjama shorts. He slid his hand in pulling me even closer. But that's when I realized. The sneaky guy hovering over me was trying to get the key to the front door out of it. If he got it he would leave...and I didn't want that. Right now all I wanted to do was to kiss this flawless man. I had to come up with an idea and quick. There was no way I was letting him leave, but what on earth could I do to make him stay, or at least distract him. My mind fleetingly tousled a selection of thoughts in my head. There was only one way.


 Taking a deep breath I dug out all of the courage that I possibly could find from within me, my nerves sky high and absolutely terrified. Then, just as he was about to pull out the key from my back pocket, I kissed him. My arms sliding around his neck as he inhaled sharply and barely had a moment to react. His hands hastily gripping me closer, eyes closing, my breathing quickening as was his and our breath’s began to fuse. I tried to urge myself to push away, I tried so hard to stop, but I just couldn’t. As our lips coupled I realised how completely and utterly unprepared I was. You would think that being the one to make the first move, spending all this time with Luke that I’d know what to expect. You’d think that after the times I’ve watched him talk, laugh, frown; that I would know all there was to know about his lips. But, I hadn’t imagined how warm and faultless they would feel pressed up against mine. One of his large hands soon finding its way to the side of my face, supporting me and keeping us connected. The kiss eradicated every thought from my mind. For the first time in forever I wasn’t at all worried or nervous at the fact I was alone in the same room as Luke Hemmings. The thought of pushing him away temporarily suspended as the swarm of butterflies in my stomach began to take over the whole of my limp body.  I had absolutely no wish for this kiss to end.  I could feel my temperature begin to rise as the soft caress became more firm and our breaths deepened. I savoured the touch of his lips, the quickening of his breath that matched mine. His strong kiss moving in unison with mine and soon enough his hand slipping from my pocket and to my hips where the other one followed. As our lips stayed adjoined he gripped my sides, lifting me up and I automatically wrapped my legs around his waist.  My heart was now beating right out of my chest like it was prompted by an electrical surge as the muscular male continued his strong hold on me. Without realising I found myself with one hand fisting at Luke’s hair and the other clung to his shirt. We momentarily parted for air. Resting our foreheads together before he forcefully returned the kiss; the passion instantly growing as I felt my back get harshly pushed up against the cold wall and I let out a lusty moan. I could feel Luke smirk under the kiss at my reaction before beginning to lightly bite my lower lip. With me leant against the wall he then began to run one of his hands up my side, raising the shirt I was wearing. His gentle warm touch on my bare skin driving my body insane as a hunger grew inside of me. But that’s when my nervousness returned. Shivers taking over my body as his touch traveled up my side, my temperature rising and Luke’s as well. I didn’t want him to stop but I was just so nervous. What if this was a mistake? What if I was going to regret it? But, what if I didn’t? But, what if we were about to have sex? What if he didn’t like the way I looked? A bazillion bad thoughts kept springing into my mind as the heated moment only grew and his hand continued roaming my body. But, then to my luck we were interrupted as my phone began to ring.  Parting Luke’s eager lips I quickly pushed my hands against his chest and he gently lowered me to the ground, my back still firmly against the wall. He watched my every move in detail as he stood still brushed against me and my hand disappeared down my top in search for my phone, his eyebrows instantly rising. As I fiddled for my phone hidden in my bra Luke’s lips kept finding their way against mine, not wanting to stop. I parted from the kiss once more looking at the screen of my phone as I pulled it from my shirt.


“I could have got that out for you.” Luke’s husky voice spoke in my ear as he kissed my neck several times before his eyes too flickered to my phone. He frowned at the name on my screen his eyes growing darker as I answered the call. It was Joe, a friend who I work with. Luke lets out an unaproven groan as I answer it with a polite greeting.


“Hello.” I spoke and Luke lent down to my neck again, kissing it lightly and biting as I talked. I tried to hold in the giggles and he chuckled at the frustration building inside me, the only thought in my mind wanting to drop the phone to the floor and continue what we were doing. That was, until Luke overheard what Joe said next.


“I was just wondering if you are free tomorrow?” Luke suddenly stood up straight, glaring down at me. His eyebrows fiercely brought together, his jaw tense and eyes dark.


“Umm…yeah.” I replied to Joe, unsure of what to say and nervously awaiting for how Luke would react. But, before I knew it Luke had tightly pinned me against the wall again barely giving me room to breathe as I gasp. He roughly kisses my neck, biting every once in a while making me let out several concealed moans.


“L-Luke... stop it.” I breathily whisper trying to not let Joe hear. But then Luke suddenly digs his teeth into the skin on my neck making me scream.


“Mmmmm…” he intentionally moans loudly into my neck beside my phone and I feel his chest vibrate as he places strong kisses where he had previously bit.


“O-Oh, S-sorry. I didn’t know you had company. I’ll leave you to it.” Joe quickly and rather nervously spoke on the other end of the phone and then swiftly hung up. When Luke heard him cut the line he let out a victorious chuckle and softly kissed the spot he had bitten into once more. I was about to start an argument with him for what had just happened but he raised his hand, pushing some of my hair from my face and saying,


“You look beautiful.” My stomach sinks instantly filling with butterflies again and my face turns pink as I look to the ground to try and hide it. But, he just laughs at the fact I am so flustered. I know he’s only complementing me to stop me from going mad at him. But, it’s worked.  

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