An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Luke is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life.


3. Forced.

I continued to walk, this time faster as my focus shot back to the direction that I headed. A sickening feeling arose in the pit of my gut and nerves filled my body as I hoped he wouldn’t recognise me. I’d now walked a few meters past him and thought I had grown lucky my body getting a small sensation of relief pass over it. But, that quickly vanished as I heard heavy footsteps gaining on me. My heart was in my mouth. Keeping my head down I carried on walking almost out of the grotty car park, my heart race increasing by the millisecond. My rather brisk walk soon turned into a slight jog as I could hear the footsteps speeding up behind me. That’s when I caved under the suspense. I had to know how far away from me he was, I had to turn round and actually look. Maybe it wasn’t even him; maybe I was just being paranoid. I’d turn round only for a second, just to see if it was him, and if he was close, I’d run.


Just about to look over my shoulder I was startled when I felt a warm firm grip around my right wrist stop my escape. I was terrified. I sharply gasped as the guy spun me around to face in his direction. I looked up at his towering figure, fear in my eyes as he began to open his mouth.


"Hello." He spoke with a husky tone to his voice and my face fell confused. I thought he was going to hurt me. Shout at me! Anything but say hello?!


"Don't you talk?" he questioned me demanding an answer. His thick eyebrows were brought together, eyes burning my skin as he impatiently waited for my reply. Then my eyebrows came together.


"Of course I talk." I replied biting back in confidence and trying to free my small wrist from his ever tightening grip. He was so strong that it almost felt unreal. He let out a chuckle as he watched me squirm and try to wriggle out of his hold. He then leant towards me, his hair brushing the side of my face.


"Mmm. Feisty." I felt his warm breath against my ear as he then pulled me closer to his body and whispered, "I like that." I subsequently raised my free hand to his cheek with a light and gentle touch, moving in closer so our bodies were brushed together. But, then I surprised him with a forceful slap. His eyes immediately grew darker, his eyebrows pulled in once more and he tensed his jaw. I knew I was in trouble, instantly regretting my action. Gripping my wrist even tighter he glared into my eyes making sure I knew he was angry.


"Get off! You're hurting me!" I shouted as I tried to release his contracting grip from my wrist. A smile started to appear on his face and he sniggered. It was a victory smile. Was he happy he'd hurt me? Or happy I was afraid of him? The more I’d struggle the more he’d react.


He quickly pulled me towards him again leaning down toward my neck. I felt his cold lip piercing brush against my skin, then his lips and  as I fidgeted under his hold he only applied more force. I could feel him begin to harshly suck my neck as I used all my strength to push on his chest with my free hand. That’s when he stopped and whispered in my ear again.


"I'll see you soon...babe" Followed by an uncanny wink as he dropped his hold on me, turned on his heels and headed back towards the group smiling smugly. That's when I noticed; this whole time they were all watching what he was doing to me. Watching me struggle, watching him hurt me. Maybe they were just as scared of him as I was, or maybe this behaviour was normal to them.


As I stood there frozen, watching him walk away tears started to seep from my eyes. As a single tear made a pathway down my pale cheek I quickly wiped it away with the back of my hand and then quickly turned around and began to run home. I felt so dirty. My emotions started to build up as I found my run turning into a sprint. As I dashed down my street the sky grew dark and rain started to fall, the wind growing colder and stronger. My tired legs pushed on as the raindrops penetrated my skin, the cold air blasting my face.  I darted up the little pathway to my house, fumbling with my keys as I shakily tried to unlock the door. As soon as I did, I threw my bag down and slammed the door shut, feeling the cold laminate floor on my legs as my body slumped on to the floor.


Flashbacks of the fight in the alley began to re-jog in my memory causing more tears to fall. My stomach and my chest were aching. Like I had been pulled inside out. The flashbacks grew clearer as my mind scrambled...and now there was a new one...I couldn't erase the image of the towering figure leaning over me, touching me. The words- 'I'll see you soon...babe' stuck in my mind.

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