An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Luke is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life.


26. Family.

The distance between the two men in front of me was quickly decreasing and panic was beginning to take over my body. My sobs became more prominent and tears fell more frequently. Luke was going to kill him, and there was nothing I could do. There was nothing anyone could do.


"Don't...Luke…Please." I wined as Luke's intimidating body encouraged Calum to take a step backwards. Calum was a tall and quite a well built guy but compared to Luke, his body and strength was useless.


"I'm going to enjoy this." Luke discretely mumbled quietly as Calum gulped and took a deep breath. I then watched as Luke's fist rose. My crying had become uncontrollable now, my eyes becoming blurred as the tears fell from them. I didn't know what to do. That's when Luke's fist lowered and a smile appeared on his face. My body momentarily froze and I heard Calum take a breath of relief.  Then to my surprise Luke caught him off guard and dove his forceful fist into Ca,um's stomach causing him to curl over in pain. As he did Luke then kneed his jaw and I heard and almighty moan and crunch as he made contact with Calum. I saw blood begin drip from Calum's face as Luke began to go for another hit.


"PLEASE DON'T!" I screamed delaying Luke's next move and giving Calum enough time to stand back up. When Calum was stood Luke raised his fist once more but Calum still just stood there... He didn't try to put up a guard or even fight back, just waited for the next blow. But this time, before Luke's fist met Calum's bloody face, I made a courageous choice. I wasn't sure how Luke would react after my next move, violently maybe...more than likely. But this didn't stop me, and so I dove into Luke throwing myself into his chest and flinging my arms around his neck. 


"Luke stop." I loudly sobbed into his neck. As I did I felt one of his large hands grip around my waist and the other rest on the back of my head gently stroking my hair.


"I have to do this." He said quietly into my ear as he kissed me on the head. He then tried to prise me off of him but my grip was still tight around his neck. I was so confused how could he be so sweet and caring one minute and intimidating and violent the next. 


"I won't let you." I sniffled in reply as more tears fell from my eyes leaving wet marks on his t-shirt.


"Babe I-"


"No Luke! You're not doing this." I quickly pulled my head off of his chest, moving one of my hands into his soft hair and stared directly into his eyes.


"Calum’s like a brother to you, and look what you've done to him!" I felt Luke’s eyes leave my gaze and glance at Calum who was just about stood behind me. But his body was still tense as he pulled my grip from his neck, pushed me to the side and sternly shook his head.


"Luke when you two first met, Calum looked up to you."


"You were his role model...he would do anything for you." His head turned to face me, tears still running down my cheeks.


"We're not kids anymore." Luke grumbled in reply, shook his head again and walked towards Calum whilst clenching his fists.
"No..." I paused as I built up the strength inside myself to say what I wanted to next.


"But grown men can have families as well... and he loves you..." I carried on talking, trying to sound as confident as possible, trying to calm him. My comment stopped him in his tracks. He looked back at me and then to Calum, let out a chuckle and carried on walking.


"Yeah...right." He mumbled as he closed the distance between himself and Calum again. The room was silent except for the sound of my sobs and Luke's heavy breathing. They were stood only inches apart as Luke focused on the fear and pain in Calum's eyes. But he didn't seem to be getting a kick from it anymore. The look on Luke's face was blank. But, I then noticed as he brushed it off taking a final step toward Calum.


"I love you...” The words fell from my mouth. They fell so easily, I was shocked that I had said them. Luke froze to the spot and Calum’s gaze changed from Luke to me, his eyes wide. His face was shocked and as Luke turned to face me so was his.


"You don't lo-" Luke mumbled cutting himself off as he gulps, striding toward me and roughly placing his large hands on the sides of my arms. I filled with more fear, remembering the last time we were in this same position when he aggressively shook me and I thought this was going to end the same.  He shocked my body sharply shaking it once as anger raised in his voice even more as he began to speak.


"Look at me..." He shook me again when I looked down to the ground and I looked up at him with teary eyes. Calum stood behind him, slowly edging closer in case Luke tried to hurt me.


“You don’t love me. You can’t love me. Are you stupid?!” Luke shook me again and I gasped.


“Look at me. Look at this. This whole situation is the reason you can’t love me. Look what I do. This is me. This isn’t good. I’m not good. Not for you.” Luke ranted at me, his grip slowly weakening before he dropped his hold turning slightly and stressfully brushing his hand through his hair. My heart sank a little. How could someone think so low of themselves that they would think that they weren’t capable of being loved?


"No." I suddenly spoke breaking the uneasy silence that occurred.


"You look at me. You listen to me for a change Luke." I suddenly felt a rush of courage; strength and adrenaline cancel out my emotions as I stand up to Luke and he turns to face me.


"When I first met you, I was scared of you..." I admitted as Luke lowered his hand from his hair and took a step toward me, his jaw still clenched and eyebrows still brought fiercely together.


"I’m not going to lie, you still scare me. But I’ve got to know you." I carried on. 


"This isn't you...You don't want this. You're angry and I get that. But I can promise you there's no need to be."  Luke's gaze then moved from me to Calum. He looked at him desperately then returned his gaze to me, shaking his head.

“You don’t love me. You can’t.” He spoke strongly.


“I don’t think you understand. My heart physically aches when I’m not with you and it hurts. I can’t even get you out of my head, ever. I don’t mean to love you; I don’t want to love you. But I do.” I continue and he interrupts again as he walks over to me and takes my hand as he softly speaks.


“No. I hurt you.” He dark eyes have softened now as he gazes down at me.


“Yeah. You did and I’m sure you will again. But I love you Luke and we’ll get through this together. I will be here through everything. You can try and push me away or you can accept it and we can carry on just being together and enjoying each other’s company. No matter what happens I will not give up. But, whatever you choose to do now, you will not touch Calum. Calum is the closest thing to a family you have right now and I’m not letting you throw it all away.” I finish and Luke’s eyes widen, immediately looking back at Calum as if he had forgotten he was there. Then Luke shocked Calum and me as he dived towards him and wrapped his arms around him.


It worked.


I had calmed him down. I had made him think.


Calum smiled unsurely as he looked over Luke's shoulder to me; he then mimed me a thank you and before I knew it Luke had walked back over to me, his arms wrapping around my waist as he lent down to my ear. 


 "Thank you." He softly whispered and placed a kiss on the side of my face. I only gave him a little smile, a forced smile, then pulled away.


"Calum, I think we'd better clean you up." I spoke walking around Luke and toward Calum.

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