An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Luke is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life.


6. "Bye Babe.."

The next morning I was awoken by the rather frustrating buzzing of my phone on the bedside table. Trying to ignore it I pulled my duvet covers over my head and rolled over to face in the opposite direction. But it continued. So, with a disapproving grunt I whipped off my covers, scooted to the edge of my bed and picked it up.  A smile arose on my face as I saw four messages from one of my closest friends, Jess.


Hey babe! 

Me and the girls are heading to Starbucks for a catch up. 

BE THERE! Or else... ;) 

LOVE YA! - Jess xxx


I laughed at the text as I read it with tired eyes, my smile growing. I hadn’t seen the girls in a couple weeks and was excited by the thought of meeting up. I had known Jess for....forever! She was truly amazing and beautiful! She was the kind of person who would be there for you no matter what, no matter when and was enthusiastic about absolutely everything. She had bright blond hair that was cut into a short bob, blue eyes, always wore bright red lipstick and was an extremely outgoing and bubbly person. The other girls we were planning to meet were Sash and Tix; they were both also extremely gorgeous! I was so jealous of them all. Sash and Tix both had long black hair. Sash had blue eyes, tanned skin and a warming glow to her face. Whereas Tix had hazel eyes, pale skin and bright red lips. But me....I was nothing compared to these girls. My hair is long, brown, wavy and slightly tangles at the ends. Blue eyes, no tan and pretty boring to be honest.


At around eleven I arrived at Starbucks, sniffing the air as soon as I opened the coffee shop doors. Mmmm, I loved this smell, my home away from home. I looked over at the table in the window, where we’d always sit and saw the three girls chatting. As I walked over I thought I’d made a flamboyant entrance so raised my voice.


"Hey guys!" I greeted them with an overly excited smile.


"KASEY!" They all screamed and got up from their seats running over and bombarding me with hugs. A huge smile appeared on my face as we all stood hugging in the middle of the cafe. It wasn't until the girls sat back in their seats that I realized we had drew the attention of pretty much everyone in there. I looked around smiling apologetically then took a seat with the girls.


"We got you your fave!" Jess giggled as she pushed a cup towards me. I picked it up and took a sip. Vanilla spice hot chocolate! Yumm! I then cleared my throat, turning my head towards Tix who sat with a guilty smile on her face.


"So- where’s my cream?" Everyone started to laugh as she licked her lips. She would always steal the cream off of my drink, every time.


We spoke for about an hour talking about random things that included, work, parties and a cucumber...which was relatively strange. However, then we started to talk about guys. We went around the group telling each other about what had recently happened in our love lives and everyone’s was the usual sort of things. Meeting guys at uni or out clubbing and going on simple dates or just hanging out. Then it was my turn. 


I didn't usually have much to say when it came to these conversations. Maybe sometimes I'd mention the odd date I went on but nothing as interesting as I could tell them today. But do I tell them, or maybe it’s best just to keep this mess to myself. The girls sat there waiting for me to speak with intent. So, I took a deep breath.


"Well..." I was just about to start telling the girls about this mysterious, frightening guy who was practically stalking me. When Jess shouted,


"Oh my god! You've met someone!" and then the other girls gasped.


"I can tell by your face! Look at her face, look!" she carried on buzzing more and more by the second.


"NO. NO. NO." I stopped her and they all fell quiet.


"It's nothing like that. It's kind of weird actually. And...I'm kind of worried...I don't know what to do...” The girls then sat on the edge of their seats waiting for me to continue.


"Go on!" Sasha encouraged me to talk. So, I did. I told them nearly everything. From his messy blonde hair and his perfect teeth. The angry, violent and intimidating era he gave off. His towering height....and the way he broke into my house and left the mark on me. I quickly let the girls have a peek at the sore spot on my neck. Their mouths dropped open and they looked at each other with concerned faces.


"What?" I questioned worriedly. I could tell something wasn't right.


"Luke." A random voice came from a table quite a way from us and I glanced over to see an old woman sipping her coffee as she looked over. She then lowered her cup and spoke again.


“You certainly are in trouble sweetheart.” She then raised her cup again, taking another sip and carried on reading her paper. My mind was froze for a second, who’s Luke?


“Luke?” I questioned, looking back at the girls.


"Messy blone hair....intimidating...violent...that's Luke Hemmings." Jess threw her words at me.


"Who?" I questioned them again, unsure of what this meant.


"LUKE!" All the girls raised their voices slightly, all of them looking serious and concerned but I just looked at them still totally confused. 


"He's the boxer guy..." Tix carried on but quickly Sasha nudged her, interrupting.

“No, no- it’s not boxing it’s sort of like… martial arts.” She explained and then they started to dispute over what type of sport it was.


 “Fighting. Wrestling, boxing, martial arts. Fighting. Serious stuff. He’s not good news.” The woman spoke up again from her table and I began to hope that he would just leave me alone now, but I doubt that’ll be the case.


"I'm sorry- so what makes him so bad, ok he fights. But how do you guys know he’s such a bad person." I questioned them all again. Earlier, I had left out telling them about the attack in the alley because I didn’t want to worry them, but how did they know he was that frightening, had he done it before?


"Remember last month when that street round the corner from here was covered in flashing lights, ambulances and police cars everywhere, like the whole road was closed off?" I nodded.

"Luke had won a fight. Boxing or whatever. But the mates of the guy who lost weren't too impressed." Jess paused for an obvious dramatic affect as she spoke. Then carried on again.

"They approached him for payback or something and six of them ended up in hospital...he fought all of them...he's dangerous Kasey." My mouth dropped, six?  I thought she was exadurating but all of the girl’s faces were filled with concern.


"So why isn't he in prison?" I question quickly.


"People are scared of him. He asks them to cover for him. They will, no question about it." Sasha answered.


"It was recorded as self defense."  The woman then added. How come I didn't know this...I knew he was violent from what happened in the alley but I left that part out. He hospitalized six people!


"But sur-" I was cut off as I noticed a familiar black vehicle parked outside, my stomach instantly dropping. I froze; watching as Luke climbed out of the driver’s side and leant against the side of it facing Starbucks. He then pulled out his phone and looked up, making direct eye contact with me and smirking. How did he know I was here? Why was he here? And what the hell was his problem?!


 By this time the girls knew something was up, turning in the direction I was looking and then quickly turning back to me with stone white faces and wide eyes. I then looked to my phone that was placed on the table as it began to vibrate and lit up. Looking at the screen my eyes widened and mouth dropped as I saw the message. Jess snatched my phone off of me to see why I was reacting in that way.


"KASEY YOU GOT HIS NUMBER OFF OF HIM! ARE YOU STUPID!?" She shouted showing the girls the name that had appeared on the phone. 


"No I didn't. Honestly I don’t know how it got there!" I sat there bewildered staring at the screen. How did it get there? Then it clicked.


 "I went upstairs and left my phone downstairs. He must have put it on there himself!" I still sat staring at the screen to nervous to open the message.


"Sooo! What does it say? Open it!" I took a deep breath, looked at the girls and back at the phone...then clicked and read out the message.


Hey babe,

I’ll pick you up at 9.

Luke xx


Silence fell and we all looked at each other, looked at Luke still intently staring in my direction and then returned back to each other again.  Oh Shit.


“Well are you gunna reply?!” Jess broke the silence questioning my delay. I sat, frozen for a few moments, staring back at him as I thought things through in my head. I couldn’t deal with all this. I couldn’t handle living every second of every day scared about him showing up. This was where it ends.


“No.” I bluntly replied, pushing my chair back, standing up and leaving the building through the glass door. As I left I could hear the girls gasp and mumble, even the old woman seemed shocked and shook her head as I left. But that wasn’t going to stop me. I continued to pace out onto the street and straight over toward Luke, not even checking to see if the road was clear before stepping out into it. As I approached him his smirk grew bigger, checking me up and down as I grew closer.  That’s when I realized, I didn’t even know what I was going to say. Nerves suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks as I was stood in front of him.


“Hey babe, you know you could have just texted. You didn’t have to come all the way out here in the cold.” He chuckled raising his large hand to my cheek rubbing it with his thumb. I quickly batted it away and he lowered his arm to his side continuing to smile.


“This has to end. You have to leave me alone and stop stalking me. Stop following me. Stop talking to me. Stop thinking you own me and most definitely stop breaking into my house!” My frantic voice rose as I got to the end of my sentence, nerves sky high as I waited for a reply.


“Ok.” He simply said in a quiet tone and I was suddenly shocked, relieved and confused all at the same time. Just, ok. Well, that was easy. A small smile began to appear on my face but I quickly wiped it off not wanting to show any signs of weakness. He then smiled as well and then leant in towards me placing a small, warm kiss on my cheek. It sent tingles across my whole body and small butterflies arose in my stomach. When his soft lips left my skin he spoke in a hushed voice in my ear.


“Bye babe.” He then stood back up straight, smiling as he turned to get back into his car. I stood in the same place, still feeling the kiss he had left on my cheek as I watched him climb into the vehicle. Then, before driving off he pulled down his window, smirking once more as he looked over at me.


“So, pick you up at 9 then?” He then laughed leaving me with a wink as he drove off down the street. The tingling feeling was now completely gone and forgotten as I stood there frozen. What the hell. I actually thought he was going to leave me alone. How stupid could I be?





A/N- Hi guys, I don't normally leave notes but in case you weren't aware this fanfic is actually the same as 'The Fight.' (my Harry Styles fanfic) but instead about Luke. So, in advanced I'd like to apologize if I miss out a name change or if Luke suddenly has curly hair. I'm pretty sure, so far so good but just in case, sorry. Hope you're enjoying the story though! :) x

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