When You're about to Lose


1. Prologue




I heard Amica's voice from the ground floor of our house. 

They're forcing me to do something that I really don't like. Nope. I won't let them get me.

While thinking of how to escape from them, I suddenly heard The Script's Six Degrees of Separation playing in our neighbor's room. My favorite song! 

"Hey Lyle! Are you there?" I heard Amica shouting.

My heart beat faster.

I climbed a tree for I don't know how many times... But this time, it will be different.

It's now or never. I breathed heavily and decided to climbed off in my neighbor's balcony.

I almost squealed when I slipped but luckily, I made it! I let an exaggerated sigh and brush my invisible sweat in my forehead.

I smiled triumphantly.

The glass door is open so I might as well take this chance to hide from them.

A scaring thought went inside my head. What if the owner of this room is an old man? He might kill me!

But he's listening to The Script's song so maybe he's a nice person. I'm so sorry for being a fan of The Script but I guess I gotta trust his/her taste in music.

I heard my Amica's voice again. I decided to go inside the room and then I saw a tall, pale and skinny guy who's sitting in front of the piano.

He was shock for a second. He looked at me like I'm a criminal who broke out of jail.

"Who are you? And how did you get in?" He raised his eyebrow.

Ohh. He looks familiar! I went near to him.

Pale skin, dark eyebrows, rosy cheeks, captivating brown eyes. He's freaking hot!

I remember his name! Greyson Michael Hot Chance!

"Oh! You're Greyson Chance, right? Nice to meet you!" I smiled to him widely and then shook his hand. I tried to change the topic but he looked pissed.

"So-" I was about to say something but he cut me off.

"Looks like you're hiding from someone, huh? Are you going to leave or I'm going to tell them that you're here?"

My eyes went wide. No way!

I raised my eyebrow. I got an idea.

"Are you going to shut up and let me hide for awhile or I'll kiss you? You choose." I smirked. A challenging smirk.

"As if you can." He smirked back.

He quickly went to the balcony.

"Hey! Are you finding someone? She's-"

I, who's already in a panic mode, went to him and grab his shirt.

I know he's tall but so I'm already panicking!

I tiptoed, leaned in, grabbed his neck and kissed him so fast.

"That's what you get! I told you already! Anyway, I think they're already gone so I'm going now. See you when I see you!" I waved my hand and winked at him.

He's still unconscious. Probably because I'm a good kisser.

I climbed up again and went to my room. They already left I heaved a sigh. Thank goodness!

What a night! I haven't eaten my dinner yet but I already lost my appetite and I'm already tired so I drifted off to sleep.

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