Start of everything

It was there.

In that classroom.

Where our heroes first meet.

It was the start of everything.

This is Roosia Academy and this is where the magic happens. Come and join us and our 4 fated heroes Simon Trueling, Vincent Witerus, Sarah Lothen and most importantly out protagonist Rin Kirigaya. But I warn you things might get a little.........



1. Prologue

300 years ago...

"Did you hear?!" Were the words of Yoshiro Hanabusa as he burst into the room. Although being apprentice to Francis Reming world famous Mage he's never excelled in the arts of magic.

"What is now Yoshiro?" His father Gregory Hanabusa folding his newspaper with a sigh.

"Father Sir Reming has stumbled across a prophecy. A big one at that." Yoshiro had spoken with great excitement.

"Oh really? What is it about?" His father had said with great interest.

"It said '3 centuries from now 4 shall be born. One of great noble linage. One the ruler of the misunderstood. One the hero of forgotten ones. And one who resides in darkness. Let there be light let there be power save us all from'." Yoshiro recited the prophecy.

"From what?"

"That's what we are trying to figure out it looks like the writer was killed before finishing it due to the smudge of blood at the end of the prophecy."

"That's strange." Gregory said stroking his long beard." We haven't had any problems since the war of mages VS demons but that's all and the war happened 50 years ago."

"I have a theory though. What if the leader of the FOD (followers of darkness) hadn't been killed but preserved father in a Devine crystal." Yoshiro said. Gregory let out a snort of disbelief.

"You expect me to believe a demon as dark as that can be preserved in a Devine crystal." He said letting out another snort.

"You shouldn't always believe what the Elders tell us what if they're wrong what if they're hiding something." At those words Gregory Hanabusa slammed his fist on the wooden table.

"Nonsense the Elders are not hiding something nor are they incorrect. Now take these silly fantasies out of your mind and go practice your magic." He said. Nobody noticed the tiny bead of sweat that had rolled down Gregory's face.

"If you say so father. But I'll find out for myself." Yoshiro said standing up from his seat. He walked off not seeing the heated glare from his father.

"That boy mustn't know of my plans Hanabusa." A dark slithering voice spoke.

"Don't worry my lord everything will go according to plan that prophecy will not come true."

--------------- Present Day ----------------

"Welcome to Roosia academy for witches, warlocks and elves alike I'm Headmaster Cornelius and I hope you all have a splendid first year!"

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