Shes lost and now's nothing about her past or the present. But that's when she finds her self at a house in the woods and she is bloody and hurt and now's nothing of how it happened.


5. That's Not Her

I'm slowly try move but all I could feel was like cloth and wood. I could finally open my eyes and I was in a coffin. With white cloth and a pillow. I have now idea what happened or how I got here or if i'm dead how long have i been dead. And how the crap i'm i gonna get out of this thing. AND WHY I'M I ALIVE!!!!! 

So i start crashing and kicking to get out tell i found a nail fall out. I kicked and used the nail I finally stop because I was getting know were. Am I was starting to go crazy and i felt it going in my body like my blood was on fire and it burned. I felt the ground move like a earthquake. And before I know it the Top of the coffin and ground was flying in the air. I claimed out of the coffin and looked at my grave stone. It said "R.I.P Raven River's My Love". I felt like I should cry but I have no feelings for it I don't know the man I loved so why cry. So I read the bottom and it said From: { 1998 - 2015}

I have to find out what year it is. So I run around trying to find anything finally i see a billboard it said blah blah blah blah yes OK its the year 2017. Wow two years I have been dead.      

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