Shes lost and now's nothing about her past or the present. But that's when she finds her self at a house in the woods and she is bloody and hurt and now's nothing of how it happened.



he stops and finally just holds me. And says "I just remembered who you are" "who am I please tell me". Still crying be looks at his wall were a sword was. then he looked at me and said we got out together and we ran together tell they got you and they toke you away from me. Because of me they did this to you. how? I'm the one that said we should run! Run from what? The lab! Let me more before I go PLEASE! Alex starts crying more. And as he go's on First I start to no see, smell, or hear. And everything went black. I just was gone. But i still could feel every thing and I still felt the soft wet tears of Alex crying over my body.  












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