Shes lost and now's nothing about her past or the present. But that's when she finds her self at a house in the woods and she is bloody and hurt and now's nothing of how it happened.



      I was not gonna say a thing to anyone tell i felt the blood everywhere. What am i gonna do! Stop talking to yourself you sound crazy. I heard it the most alarming sound in my head "RUN"! So i ran as fast and hard as I could. Then I tripped! "WOW I just had to right". But then I looked up and there was a house, a creepy as fuck house but you gotta do what you gotta do. "I hope". So i picked my self up and started to walk slowly to the house as much as I was scared I was hurting. I felt like I was just thrown off a house then ran over by a semi. I was bleeding bad to this point why am I not dead i feel like i should be. Why cant i remember anything!!! Finally i get to the door and I try to knock with all my strength. Then before i could even do that the door swings open and I fall in to a mans arms. He say the blood and how dead i looked. So he picked me off my feet and layed me on his couch. "What happened to you, are you OK". "I don't know i cant remember a thing". I said in the most uneasy voices ever. 

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