Shes lost and now's nothing about her past or the present. But that's when she finds her self at a house in the woods and she is bloody and hurt and now's nothing of how it happened.


6. I'm Trying

I start walking thinking were do I go now I know nothing of my self. I have been dead for years the crap why am i alive. I AM so confused so I thought was I need my dead papers to see how I died. So I start looking around and I see a map on a big board thing. AND yes there It is a morgue. I start walking that way and it was really dark and felt like someone was watching me hearing me Wanting Me. So i start walking faster and faster. Finally I hear him behind me and It felt like he was only about 1 in from me almost toughing. I whipped around and he was gone. He was there I know he was. Wait how do I know it was a guy? I run as fast as I can to the morgue I had to get out of here and into a building. YES there it is the morgue i start walking to the door tell a heard him talk. You want to know what happened to you don't you? Well if you do you are not getting it here. Come with me if you want to Know. He started to walk off but I said how do you know what happened and how do you know I'm alive or HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME.

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