The YouTube Fanzine

News from YouTubers across the globe, some I might miss, the main ones I will include! Favourite for your fixes!


2. YouTube Red

Everyone who goes on YouTube must of heard about the company releasing a new way of subscribing to YouTube called YouTube Red which was announced on the 21st of October. This is where you pay a monthly fee of $10, and you will be able to watch your regular content without advertisements, in addition to this, exclusive content will be published to those to join. However a lot of the creators (YouTubers) have expressed concerns about the fact they wouldn't earn money from YouTube. Most people know that YouTubers earn money from the advertisements that are played before, during and or after the videos, which is calculated by their views. 



For every million views a video gets, the average YouTuber gets about $1000, this is different of course from person to person. Anyway, it was when YouTube announced that they would do a free trial of YouTube Red when creators got extremely worried, in response to this, YouTube announced how creators would get paid. They would divide the money from the subscriptions fairly between the creators dependent on how many people viewed their videos on YouTube Red. Though this doesn't exactly answer how they're going to get paid this month if everyone goes to YouTube Red, which I know won't happen but the creators still have reason to be concerned. I personally don't think this is a good idea, though it isn't a big fee or anything, changing the aspect that YouTube isn't 100% free anymore won't go down well. In addition to myself YouTubers such as Hat Films have expressed about not being interested in the idea.

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