The YouTube Fanzine

News from YouTubers across the globe, some I might miss, the main ones I will include! Favourite for your fixes!


7. Tanya Burr | Glamour Magazine


Tanya Burr | Glamour Magazine



Whenever most people think British Beauty Blogger, they go straight to Zoella. Yes she might be the most subscribed to in Britain, but I always think of Tanya Burr. In the past, Tanya was always the sweet girl in little dresses with long pretty eyelashes, but now... Tanya has completely turned peoples heads after the release of her cover for Glamour magazine. She looks unbelievably sexy and sultry, I myself haven't seen all the pictures, but from the cover... Well. Not only did she have a photo-shoot with Glamour, but she had an interview with them which she stated in one of her vlogs was over an hour. I will be picking up a copy soon and so can you as it is out today! 2nd November, the December issue. Also, another thing I'm going to read from there, Christmas with Katy Perry! I'm in!


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