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8. Pugatory | The Animated Series | Episode 2: Fear of Loneliness


Pugatory | The Animated Series | Episode 2: Fear of Loneliness


Two weeks after the first episode, this episode consists of the two pugs starting to make their way back home. However, when they come to a crossroads, Maya is determined that after reading the two signs reading 'this way' and 'that way,' that they should wait for their owner Marzia to come and find them. Obviously Edgar disagrees and says that they should just go 'this way', they then start to argue and insult each other. They then start to cough up black goo, which they then get stuck to as a cloud of gas come towards them. They are then surrounded in the gas and cannot see, alone unaware of each other still being so close they start to remember what they do when Marzia leaves them in the house alone. They start to think about it and realise that they actually enjoy each others company, by this time, the gas dissipates. The gas then clears from one of the paths which was 'this way', so they run down it. However, when they leave, the Axolotl which greeted them into the ROO switches the signs back the other way, revealing they've gone down the wrong path.

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