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6. Pugatory | The Animated Series | Episode 1: A Terrible Wish


Pugatory | The Animated Series | Episode 1: A Terrible Wish



As all you Marzipans might now, the first episode of Marzia's animated series pilot episode went live this Halloween! The first episode introduces us to Edgar (voiced by Pewdiepie) and Maya (voiced by CutiePieMarzia), two pugs who live with their owner, Marzia (obviously this is based off of Felix and Marzia's pugs, duh). They both want to have the attention of their owner, and when its time for a nap, they both want to be next to her on the pillow. Maya tricks Edgar into thinking there is a waffle on the floor when he is in front of her when their racing to the pillow. So of course he stops (hmmm.... waffles), but sadly there is no waffle and Maya jumps on him, and leaps onto the pillow. Late in the evening whilst their owner is still sleeping, Edgar wakes up Maya with a fart, lovely. The two then start to argue and until at the same time the both shout out 'I wish you never existed!' Now they are stuck in the ROO and must find the Wishbone if they want to see their owner again, but will they learn to cooperate? Find out in the next episode, out November 14th!

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