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News from YouTubers across the globe, some I might miss, the main ones I will include! Favourite for your fixes!


3. Make-Up Youtube Channels for Halloween!


Make-Up Channels to watch this Halloween!


MadeYewLook - The Queen of BodyPaint



If you're still deciding who to be this Halloween or if you'd like to watch someone become some beautiful, horrifying or awesome, MadeYewLook is the channel for you! Though there are a lot of special effects make-up artists, Alexys Fleming of MadeYewLook is a self taught artist who specializes in bodypaint. Being only 22, she already has over 1 Million subscribers, her own line of make-up brushes, her own eyeliner and t-shirts on sale on her website. 


Glam & Gore - Beauty Vlogger of the Year 2015



When is comes to make-up artists, this is the industry at its prime, and she too is self taught! Just having hit 1 Million subscribers, Mykie of Glam & Gore has had a very, very good year! Not only has her popularity shot through the roof, she won the NYX Face Awards 2015, claiming the title of Beauty Vlogger of the Year with her final video entry. I voted for her, staying up til' 3am to watch it live from La. Mykie also has products for sale, currently only t-shirts and accessories, I can see Mykie creating her own line of make-up for her fans, or should I say Zombaes! 


Pinkstylist - British Extraordinaire 



Pinkstylist, or his real name, Charlie Short is a British make-up artist, when people think make-up they automatically go to think its a girl who makes themselves look pretty. This time however its a guy who makes himself look pretty! But most the time terrifying. Pinkstylist is known for going onto Omegle in his make-ups, scaring and confusing people, also seeing his fans on occasion. He is a pretty known name when it comes to make-up on YouTube since he's been on his channel doing it on his channel for over four years, earning himself over 1.6 million subscribers. So if you haven't already checked him out, or anyone else on this list, go and do it now!

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