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4. Halloween treats to make this Year!


Halloween treats to make this Year!


Baking Blood-filled Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes! | Tanya Burr



Only uploaded on the 25th October this year, these baked good are sure to get you in the spooky mood! After visiting New York earlier this year, Tanya saw these Halloween cupcake decorations in a shop and instantly sparked the idea to do these cupcakes. Tasty chocolate cupcakes, topped with icing and a hidden jam center, perfect treat for a sweet tooth who is cuddling watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween night!


Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting | Zoella



More of an Autumnal recipe, these are again cupcakes but with no blood center, but pumpkin spices! I myself have never tried anything pumpkin-y but these do look so dainty and sweet. Topped with tiny orange sprinkles and additional black sprinkles, in the image above, you couldn't get more Halloween-y or Autumnal. The recipe available on her website, Zoella definitely captures the spirit of Autumn perfectly!


How to Make Halloween Ghost Cookies! | kawaiisweetworld



Probably the cutest cookies I have ever seen! The tutorial of these cute things is on the YouTube channel kawaiisweetworld and on their blog page. Though there was an array of different things you could bake, this was their newest Halloween video and I thought they were different to a bunch of cupcakes, these definitely take the cuteness title! Perfect to make for some friends to take to a party, or to just make for yourself to enjoy at home.


How to make witches' fingers - Halloween recipe video | Allrecipes UK 



Stepping away from the cute cookies and cupcakes, these biscuits are the ideal treat to scare anyone and everyone! Though the video of this recipe is two years old, I think it is a timeless classic that you can do just this Halloween, or even make it a tradition to eat each year! Quick warning though, the recipe calls for almonds to be used as the fingernails, so a substitute would be necessary for those allergic to them. 


Halloween Jello Eyes! Make NO BAKE Halloween Treats | MyCupcakeAddiction


Another not so cute Halloween treat, this time coming from MyCupcakeAddiction. These are so effective, make a bunch of them and put them in a bowl, and to anyone who was none the wiser would think they were real eyes! But that isn't the best part, they don't even need to be bake in the oven! So whilst you're waiting for your friends to arrive to celebrate, you could make these and have them ready to eat when they arrive!


I hope you enjoyed looking or even making these Halloween treats if you'd like, if you do make any of these, feel free to comment below a picture of them. I might try and make some of these myself, until the new article, bye!

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