Criminal Lust

It's been 3 years since the events of Criminal Love. 3 years since Flippy disappeared out of Flaky's, Lifty's, and everyone's live. Flaky is in a hotel elevator doing a dare when she meets someone in the elevator. Someone she thought was long gone.


2. Vist From The Dead

Flaky got out of her car and looked up at the large hotel and gulped. "Let's get this over with" she thought and walked up to the entrance of the hotel, opening the double door and walking to the elevator. She pressed the 20th floor and entered the elevator and waited as the elevator doors closed and began its ascend to the 20th floor. She was thinking about how much she missed her friend, Flippy when a voice said, "Where you going?". She jumped and looked around the elevator for the source of the voice. She saw a tall man in a camo green hoodie, the hood pulled over his face.

"I-I'm going t-to the 20th floor, to do a dare for my friend Lammy" Flaky was shivering in fear

The man faced her. He had long light green hair covering one of his piercing  green eyes. Flaky gasped and said, "F-Flippy.....". The man pulled down the hood and gave her a small smile. "Hey, Flakes". Flaky hugged him, she began to cry, "Where were you, you've been gone for 3 years and I...". She stopped when suddenly the elevator lurched and stopped completely. 

"The elevator stopped" said Flippy

"Why, what do you think-" Flaky was cut off when the elevator suddenly lurched and began to fall. Flippy acted instantly, grabbing Flaky by the waist as they began to float. His back slammed into the roof of the elevator. Flaky's head bashed against the elevator wall and she blacked out.


Paramedics, police and firemen showed up to the hotel soon after the elevator crashed. Flaky was strapped to a gurney. Lammy was there too, sobbing, "I need to see her, It's my fault, Flaky I'm sorry!" she cried. She ran to her friend and hugged her.

"Did they help the other person in there too" asked Flaky

Lammy looked confused, "There was no one else in there with you, why?"

"I thought someone was in there too" Flaky said

"Who?" asked Lammy

"Flippy......" said Flaky

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