Criminal Lust

It's been 3 years since the events of Criminal Love. 3 years since Flippy disappeared out of Flaky's, Lifty's, and everyone's live. Flaky is in a hotel elevator doing a dare when she meets someone in the elevator. Someone she thought was long gone.


4. The Search

".....A-and then I woke u-up, but I-I don't know if it w-was a dream or not" Flaky was telling Giggles and Petunia about what happened at the hospital after everyone left. Petunia has speechless. Giggles, on the other hand, wasn't so quiet.

"You mean that Fliqpy was in your room and tried to kill you!?" she practically yelled. Flaky frantically shushed her, "S-shh! Lifty is sleeping and I don't w-want him to worry". Giggles calmed down a bit and said in a softer tone, "Okay, so are you going do?"

Flaky shrugged and said, "I-I really don't k-know"

Petunia said, "We could try and find him". Flaky smiled at that and said, "T-that sounds like a good idea". Giggles clapped her hands together and said, "Okay, let's get started!"


After making flyers with Flippy on it and their phone numbers, the girls split up to put them up around town and waited  for calls, but none came. Flaky was home alone, Giggles and Petunia both went back home. She was watching television half-asleep when she heard a knock on the door. She got up to answer it, opening the door. Her eyes widen  as she saw who it was and she whispered one word, "Fliqpy....."


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