Criminal Lust

It's been 3 years since the events of Criminal Love. 3 years since Flippy disappeared out of Flaky's, Lifty's, and everyone's live. Flaky is in a hotel elevator doing a dare when she meets someone in the elevator. Someone she thought was long gone.


10. Don't Surrender (Final)

All the people of Happy Tree Town gathered around the park, most had bats, or some other blunt weapon. Lifty had a large axe. Lumpy had a.....ham sandwich? Okay then...... Lumpy stood in front of everyone and began to speak once they all stopped talking and calmed down.

"People of Happy Tree Town, we must join together, find the evil Fliqpy, kill him and save Flaky from his evil clutches" Lumpy yelled, "ARE YOU WITH ME!!!!". Everyone yelled back, "YES!!!!!!". Lumpy smiled at Lifty, Lifty nodded. They then began to converge on Flaky's house.


Fliqpy looked at Flaky, who had woken up a short while ago, and smiled, "We need to go, or I, along with Flippy, are dead". Flaky nodded but didn't say anything, she grabbed Fliqpy and pulled him into a hug. Flqpy tensed up at the sudden grab, but soon relaxed and hugged her back. His yellow eyes turned back into the green color of Flippy's eyes. Flippy looked at Flaky, confused why he was hugging her. "Uh, Flakes, what is going on?"

"Fliqpy gave you control, I overheard the intercom saying that everyone in Happy Tree Town is coming here and is going to kill you....I don't want to lose you again" Flaky began to tear up at the thought of losing her best friend once more. Flippy lifted her chin up, to look her in the eyes, "I have to go, it's the only way you'll be safe, but I'll be back sooner than you think." and then he kissed her. The kiss was soft yet short. Flaky smiled and said, "Goodbye, Flippy". Flippy nodded, "Goodbye Flaky".


Flaky was now left alone, but not for long as the door to her house was broken down. Lifty had a axe, but he dropped it when he saw Flaky was okay. He ran up to her and kissed her. He had tears in his eyes, "I thought I lost you, Flaky, I'm so sorry". Flaky was pulled into another hug, she looked out the window in which Flippy had exited out of her house. Out of her life. "We will meet someday again, I know it".


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