Criminal Lust

It's been 3 years since the events of Criminal Love. 3 years since Flippy disappeared out of Flaky's, Lifty's, and everyone's live. Flaky is in a hotel elevator doing a dare when she meets someone in the elevator. Someone she thought was long gone.


6. Breaking Hearts

Two days had passed after what happened between Flaky and Fliqpy. She didn't tell anyone though, not even Lifty. He started to notice that she wasn't as happy as she normally was. He sat her down on the couch, looking into her eyes.

"Flaky, what's wrong?" Lifty asked

"N-Nothing....I'm f-fine" she said, she didn't look him in the eyes

"Please, Flaky, you can tell me" He place his hand over hers and smiled worryingly

She began to tear up, and had to try her hardest not to cry, "Fliqpy...."

Lifty's smile vanished and he said, "What the hell did he do"

"He...h-he raped me..." Flaky hugged Lifty and cry into his chest. Anger welled up inside Lifty and he exploded, "I am going to kill him!". He got and began to walk to the door when Flaky stopped him and said, "Please don't....".

"Don't what!?" Lifty yelled, "He raped you". Lifty's eyes narrowed in anger and said, " you still love Flippy". The anger faded out of his voice replaced by sadness.

"W-What? N-no I..." Flaky stammered as she tried to explain but no words came after that. Lifty looked into her eyes. She didn't look in his eyes. His eyes were full of hurt and betrayal. He said, "I....I'm going to stay with Shifty for a need to figure out who you love......and who you don't". Lifty exited the house, got into his car, and drove away, leaving Flaky sobbing on the carpet. Alone once more.


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