Criminal Lust

It's been 3 years since the events of Criminal Love. 3 years since Flippy disappeared out of Flaky's, Lifty's, and everyone's live. Flaky is in a hotel elevator doing a dare when she meets someone in the elevator. Someone she thought was long gone.


1. A Dare

"Okay, Okay I-I'm going, I'll be there in a f-few minutes" Flaky hung up her phone and walked through her house, throwing a coat on and putting her shoes on. Her boyfriend, Lifty, was looking at her with a hint of amusement.

"You going somewhere?" He smiled

"I-I am going to P-Petunia's house f-for girls night" Flaky said, "I-I told you 3 times al-aready"

Lifty chuckled and said, "I know, I just wanted to tease you"

Flaky stuck her tongue out, "Meanie". Lifty kissed her cheek "Be careful and don't do anything too crazy". Flaky blushed when he kissed her, but grinned and said, "No promises". Flaky walked to her car, got in and drove to Petunia's house. She entered the house and said, "Petunia, I'm here!". Petunia walked out the kitchen and smiled, "Hey Flaky".

"Where's everyone else?" asked Flaky

"They are in the living room, come on, we were just about to play Truth Or Dare" Petunia then walked into the living room along with Flaky. Giggles, Flaky's best friend and self-appointed matchmaker, was sitting on the floor, she waved at Flaky, "Hey". Lammy, the new girl and also one of Flaky's best friends, smiled at her and said, "Hello Flaky". They all sat down in a circle, and began the game of Truth Or Dare.

"Okay, Flaky, truth or dare?" smiled Petunia

"T-truth" Flaky was always scared of picking dare, because her friends came up with some crazy dares

"Have you ever done anything crazy with Lifty" Petunia giggled

Flaky's cheeks turned a bright pink color and said, "N-nothing really......except French k-kissing" she mumbled. All the girls squealed and giggled at that. Flaky turned even pinker. "S-shut it....." she mumbled.

"O-okay, Giggles, t-truth or dare?" asked Flaky

"Dare" said Giggles

Flaky smiled mischievously and said, "I dare you to kiss.......Lumpy". Giggles's smile fade and she said, "No way! I'm dating Cuddles and plus Lumpy is older than me and he is weird........". She stopped arguing when, out the window, she saw Lumpy walking down the street. She sighed and went outside, walked over to Lumpy and grabbed the man's face and kissed him full on the lips. She walked back inside, leaving Lumpy dazed and confused, but happy none the less. The other girls laughed her as she entered the house and again, "You guys suck" she muttered and sat back down. Petunia giggled and said, "Okay Giggles your turn"

Giggles smiled at Flaky, "Flaky, truth or dare"

"T-truth" she said, worrying that if she chose dare, Giggles would pick something horrible

"Do you miss Flippy?" The question was followed by silence. No one had seen Flippy in since 3 years ago, Flaky had tried to find him, but gave up soon after a year of searching. Flaky teared up a bit and covered her face. Before going out with Lifty, Flaky had always had a crush on Flippy. Petunia patted her shoulder and said, "That wasn't nice, Giggles". Giggles frowned and said, "I'm sorry, Flaky, I didn't mean for you to get sad". Flaky nodded and said, "It's O-okay". Lammy smiled and said, "I have a dare for you, Flaky". Flaky shivered in fear, but said, "W-what?".

"I dare you to go to Happy Tree Hotel and go to the haunted room, Room 666" Lammy said, Flaky's pale skin turned even whiter when she said that. "O-okay...". Lammy smiled again and said, "And you have to stay the whole night in the room". Flaky sighed, "Okay". She walked back to her car and started to drive to the hotel, not knowing that she would meet someone that everyone, including herself, thought was dead.

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