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7. Shhhh! It's a Secret! (10/30/15)

Shhhh! It's a Secret! (10/30/15)

Bennoda: Is It Real???


There is a lot of debate over the ship that is Bennoda - Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda. LP Soldiers have posted numerous pictures, drawings, and fictional conversations of the two bandmates on the stage, in the studio, and in Mike's apartment together. Some of these images are innocent - photographs of the boys just hanging out, maybe doing the friendly one-arm-hug thing on stage. The drawings, however, can occasionally get quite, well, steamy.



No, I am not going to put a drawing in this article. I'm trying to keep this appropriate. There is one picture that I will show you, a picture that seemingly proves that Bennoda might be a real thing.





Looks pretty legit, right? The boys are obviously in love.

Look again.

Mike is blurry, but Chester is clear. Mike is clearly in the middle of a performance, but there is no sign of earplug apparatus on Chester. And why is it black and white? Hiding a color difference, perhaps? This is a Photoshopped image, not evidence of steamy Bennoda fantasies coming to life. Don't doubt me, I know a Photoshopped image when I see it. If it's not Photoshopped, then it's just a joking kiss, just to freak out the fans.

Chester and Mike are very close, no doubt, but they are not that close. They're both happily married, and with kids, no less.




Bennoda is certainly an interesting fantasy to entertain, but remember that that's all it is: a fantasy.

Or is it???

Shhh! It's a secret!



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