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18. Rising Tied's 10-Year Anniversary

November 22 was the 10-year anniversary of the 2005 Fort Minor album Rising Tied.

About the album, Mike Shinoda says "I was thinking about...who I was, I realized that I didn’t feel like my own individual voice and style was totally understood.  We(Linkin Park) were seen as more of a rock/pop act, but I had basically grown up on underground hip hop.  Sure, I played piano and loved rock music and electronic as well, but hip hop was my foundation.  So I started making songs, never intending them to come out, just making them because I enjoyed what I was doing." 

Rising Tied includes numerous popular songs such as "Remember the Name"(featuring Styles of Beyond) and  "Where'd You Go"(featuring Holly Brook and Jonah Mantraga). 

"Thank you to everyone who appeared on the album, played on stage with me, and supported it.  I have no idea what’s to come with Fort Minor, but I look forward to the ride." Shinoda says.

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