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13. LP News - Chester Says Farewell to Stone Temple Pilots

LP News - Chester Bennington Says Farewell to Stone Temple Pilots



Fans may be aware of Chester Bennington's involvement with band Stone Temple Pilots. For the past few years, he has taken a place as their lead singer. He has been doing this while simultaneoulsy working with his home band, Linkin Park. When he first joined STP, there were major rumors flying that Chester would leave Linkin Park to permanently sing with Stone Temple Pilots. He quickly assured his fans that Linkin Park was his main priority, and he would not be leaving anytime soon.


Now, Chester has made a final decision regarding the 30-year-old rock band: he's leaving. "We decided in due fairness to friends, fans and the legacy of STP that it needs more than time was allowing me. And in all fairness to my bandmates in Linkin Park, as well as to myself and to my family, I’m going to focus solely on Linkin Park so I can contribute 100%." Bennington said when explaining his reasoning on his website, Cbennington.com.  STP fans will surely miss Bennington's prescence, but all will be pleased to see Chester placing more focus on Linkin Park. "The last few years have been an amazing experience. I got to create and perform with one of the greatest rock bands of our generation, that had so much influence on me growing up. It’s been an amazing experience and a dream come true, and I look forward to the future of both STP and Linkin Park." 


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