Hybrid Soldier: A Linkin Park Fanzine

A Linkin Park fanzine, created by the Movellian captain of Linkin Park Soldiers...AThousandMidnightTheories! Upcoming events, funny stories and pictures, and featured songs...Maybe some secrets will even be revealed...if you're an LP Soldier, Hybrid Soldier is the fanzine for you!


1. Hey, Soldiers!

Hey, Soldiers! I'm Meteora, and welcome to my Linkin Park fanzine! In this fanzine, you will find:

Fun Facts

Funny Photos

Upcoming Events

and maybe even a secret or two...

I hope you enjoy it!

Also, you can submit your own photos and fanart to be published in the 'zine! Just email them to grayskies2698@gmail.com, and I will publish them!


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