Hybrid Soldier: A Linkin Park Fanzine

A Linkin Park fanzine, created by the Movellian captain of Linkin Park Soldiers...AThousandMidnightTheories! Upcoming events, funny stories and pictures, and featured songs...Maybe some secrets will even be revealed...if you're an LP Soldier, Hybrid Soldier is the fanzine for you!


19. Fun Facts - Rob Bourdon

Rob Bourdon is the drummer in Linkin Park


Rob was born in Calabasas, California on January 20, 1979


Rob's mother is friends with Joey Kramer, the Aerosmith drummer


Rob played in a band named Relative Degree with current bandmate Brad Delson


Rob's hobbies are playing the piano(which he has never done for a Linkin Park recording) and surfing


Rob wears racing shoes when playing drums.






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