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9. Fun Facts: Mike Shinoda

Fun Facts: MIke Shinoda



Mike Shinoda is the rapper/vocalist and keyboardist for Linkin Park.


 - When not making music, Mike is an artist and graphic designer.


 - Mike is the co-founder of a California-based record company known as Machine Shop records.


 - As a kid, Mike was exposed to, and encouraged to play, numerous music genres. His mother had him start taking piano lessons at age six. He started including guitar and rap-style vocals in his skill set in high school.


 - Mike met two of his bandmates, Brad Delson and Rob Bourdon, while attending Agoura High School. He met Linkin Park DJ Joe Hahn while attending the Art Center College of Design.


 - Mike founded Linkin Park with Rob and Brad in 1996.


 - Mike formed Fort Minor, a side project that showcased his hip-hop skills, in 2004.


 - Mike was born on February 11, 1977 in Agoura Hills, California.






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