Hybrid Soldier: A Linkin Park Fanzine

A Linkin Park fanzine, created by the Movellian captain of Linkin Park Soldiers...AThousandMidnightTheories! Upcoming events, funny stories and pictures, and featured songs...Maybe some secrets will even be revealed...if you're an LP Soldier, Hybrid Soldier is the fanzine for you!


8. Featured Happenings: XVLP

Featured Happenings: XVLP



Linkin Park is celebrating 15 years of Hybrid Theory with XVLP, which is a collaborative apparel collection. The title "XVLP" refers to the Roman numeral "XV", along with the idea of "brand X versus LP". Linkin Park is collaborating with multiple apparel companies to re-create Hybrid Theory artwork on limited edition clothing apparel. More info can be found at linkinpark.com/XVLP.


Here is the release schedule for the various XVLP apparel brands:

11.3.15 - A Bathing Ape v Linkin Park
11.5.15 - CLOT v Linkin Park
11.10.15 - The Hundreds v Linkin Park
11.12.15 - The Seventh Letter v Linkin Park
11.17.15 - Brooklyn Projects v Linkin Park
11.19.15 - RVCA v Linkin Park

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