My Captain. My Enemy (A Captain Levi Fan fiction)

"I grew up with the Captain, I was always top of my classes. Even in scout training. You can imagine how bummed I was when he topped me when it really mattered.. On the battlefield. Instead of being best friends like we used to, we quickly grew apart. Eventually hating each other. The cold icy wall between us is the only thing in this world that is impossible to break down..." Or is it?

Levi is humanities greatest, India his second in command. Not by choice obviously. After a traumatising battle leaves them both with a mutual injury, forcing them to work together in a tight spaced office doing paper work. Who will kill the other first? Or will they spare each others lives for something greater?


1. "Least I'm Not Dead... Right?"

India's POV

It's all a blur. All the fighting, the titan's. The death. It's like someone played it on fast forward in my head. However leaving out the important parts..

I've been lying here for days. Could be weeks. Too weak to move. To weak to even lift a finger. Or even open my fucking eyes. I'm aware of the people who have been to see me. Eren. Mikasa. Armin. Jean. I can hear there muffled voices as they discuss the previous battle and the fallen.

 I am also aware of a presence beside me. The difference is that this one doesn't move, or talk. It's like he's dead but I can hear him breathing. I've eventually realised that I am lying on the only twin bed in the infirmary. Which is strange, the elite squad always get a single bed. Which makes me wonder two things:

1) If I'm in the Elite squad who in the higher ups is my 'bed buddy'?

and 2) Just how many people are injured if I am on one of the last beds in the whole of wall Rose?

"If she doesn't wake up soon I'm afraid we'll have to consider her dead" A nurse utters. Tch, a few days off and they are already pronouncing me dead. Feeling the love guys.

"You can't do that! That is my sister she's the only family I have left!" I hear the loud cries of my brother Eren. After loosing mom and dad I became Eren's full time guardian. If our parents could see me now they would be  dragging me out of this bed to look after my brother.. Which exactly what I need to do. Eren. I'm coming, I promise. 

Levi's POV

Whoever that annoying kid is who's fucking screaming bloody murder needs to shut the fuck up. Stupid brat. Being bed bound isn't the best, but when they let children in it's like hell on earth. Unless I am already in hell? Hmm plot twist. 

The recent mission was extremely unsuccessful, many of my Comrade's fell into the mouths of the titan's. I remember getting the rest of my squad back on horseback before the mob could hit us from the north. My second in command, India, got herself cornered by a 14 metre and several 9 metres. If this was any other situation I would of let the bitch fend for herself. However, Erwin wouldn't be impressed if we lost more manpower that we already had. 

Saving her wasn't as easy as I thought. After 2 of the 9 metres went down my gear malfunctioned, so I was almost as useless as she was. Except I could still fight. 

I fought with her side by side until the 14 metre knocked us both up against a tree, after that I seriously don't remember a thing. For I know I could be in a titan stomach right now. 


India's POV

Opening my eyes was a huge challenge. The fucking lamp in my face didn't help either. I gazed upon the happy expressions on my friends faces, then I turned over to glance at my fallen Comrade beside me..

Levi? What the fuck? Out of everyone him! I'd much prefer to share a bed with Hanji, even though we all know she is slightly insane..

"Why. Why is that there?" I demanded, pointing to the lifeless body of my Captain.

"Look India, when we got to you, the pair of you were about to become dinner for a 14 metre. It was kinda cute when we finally got to you though!" Mikasa sniggered, her eyes darting from me to Levi,

"Yeah I hadn't seen you two cuddling that close since the 5 grade, it was truly a sight to see" Eren laughed along with Mikasa, at this moment in time I couldn't be more pissed off. 

"Don't look so grumpy, Levi has the more severe injuries from protecting you from the beast, cut him some slack" Armin smiled at me like butter wouldn't melt. Could Levi seriously of saved me? But why? We really fucking hate each other.

I sighed, looking at Levi's peaceful sleeping face. This as got to be the first time in about 10 years, maybe even more, that I haven't wanted to kick him in the balls.

Why do I always feel so angry towards him? What could he have possibly done? Why can't I remember?

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