My Captain. My Enemy (A Captain Levi Fan fiction)

"I grew up with the Captain, I was always top of my classes. Even in scout training. You can imagine how bummed I was when he topped me when it really mattered.. On the battlefield. Instead of being best friends like we used to, we quickly grew apart. Eventually hating each other. The cold icy wall between us is the only thing in this world that is impossible to break down..." Or is it?

Levi is humanities greatest, India his second in command. Not by choice obviously. After a traumatising battle leaves them both with a mutual injury, forcing them to work together in a tight spaced office doing paper work. Who will kill the other first? Or will they spare each others lives for something greater?


4. "I'm Going To Make You Fall For Me"

India's POV

Before heading down to my Captain's office, I deliberately made sure I looked sexier, I tightened my jeans, making sure my butt looked good. Also I was extremely proud that I choose my short jacket instead of my cloak, as it enhanced my figure. I'm not the skinniest girl in the scout regiment but I wouldn't want to be, I have curves that I'm proud off. So does Beyonce.

"Levi" I offered a fake smile as I entered his office. His eyes fixated on me when I walked through the door. Deliberately dropping my notepad behind me, I turned around to pick it up. I could feel his eyes on my ass, earning a quiet growl from him. He may hate me, but he's still a man.

Levi's POV

I don't know what was wrong with me today, it's like my sex drive was turned up to 100%. Something as simple as her dropping her notepad made me stare at her ass. I mentally scowled at myself.

Pull yourself together Levi..

She flipped her long hair when she stood up, looking like the female lead in the middle of a slow motion entrance in a movie.

"What are you staring at?" She smirked evilly. Busted.

I coughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of my neck. Earning another smirk from her.

"If you want to stare at my ass at least buy me dinner first" Her eyes gleamed with pride, I could tell she was enjoying the attention I was giving her, obviously unwanted by me. The bitch doesn't get looked at by anyone else. Except maybe that Jean kid. However he stares at everyone. 

"Sit your fat ass down. We have work to do" I growled. She wasn't insulted by my comment, if anything it made her smirk more. I'm being to obvious aren't I? For fuck sake Levi. Tch.

"Erwin instructed that we look at your brothers file to start. You know because he's 14 metre monster" She glared directly at me, earning an evil smirk from me, almost identical to hers before. Except mine was obviously sexier. She leaned over the desk her cleavage showing through her blouse. I mentally groaned. It's not her you find attractive Levi. You're a man. 

"Did you get dressed properly? Close your shirt." The strain in my voice was completely obvious.  

"Oh, sorry! Is it distracting you?" Her tone was serious, like she was actually concerned. Don't play the fool. 

"Of course not.. Slut" I muttered under my breath, I could tell she heard by the annoyed look on her face. She has been pushed off the edge, she was going to blow any second. 

India's POV

My plan was obviously working. The perv couldn't keep his eyes off me for one minute, however calling me a slut was not cool.

"Don't look at me like that, I'm sure I'm not the only man you've been throwing yourself at" He sniggered, inspecting my brothers file. I stood up, leaning over the desk making sure I was frighteningly close to him. 

"Throwing myself at you? Ha! You're the last person I would EVER want. The thing that pisses me off the most is you know how insecure I am, you deliberately drive me insane so I feel like shit." He gulped, but composed himself, standing up so are faces met in the middle of the desk. 

"Don't pull your insecure shit on me! Your not having any effect on me what so ever." I looked down towards the desk, a sight which made me almost start hysterically laughing..

"Oh so you weren't staring at my ass? Or my chest? And that is just a small tent in your pants is it?" He looked down, his eyes widened at the painful bulge in his pants. Just like Petra is face began to warm, his once pale complexion became a deep crimson.

"It's not nice to be made an example of it is Levi? Especially in front of the one you are obviously attracted to. Just like you did to Petra?" He gasped when reality hit him that I knew, his sick little game had put him in the weak position.

"You're a pain in my ass Jaeger"

"No Levi, it seems that I'm a pain in your pants" I winked at him before heading towards the door. "I think it time for a break, don't you?" He loudly growled watching me exit his office, proud of my morning achievements.


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