My Captain. My Enemy (A Captain Levi Fan fiction)

"I grew up with the Captain, I was always top of my classes. Even in scout training. You can imagine how bummed I was when he topped me when it really mattered.. On the battlefield. Instead of being best friends like we used to, we quickly grew apart. Eventually hating each other. The cold icy wall between us is the only thing in this world that is impossible to break down..." Or is it?

Levi is humanities greatest, India his second in command. Not by choice obviously. After a traumatising battle leaves them both with a mutual injury, forcing them to work together in a tight spaced office doing paper work. Who will kill the other first? Or will they spare each others lives for something greater?


5. "I May Not Know Why I Hate You, But Why Do You Hate Me?"

India's POV

I've been working with Levi for about a month now, things have certainly calmed down since the previous incident involving Petra. We rarely have heated arguments any more, just the occasional disagreement, apart from that we hardly speak to one another. 

"Want another cup of tea Levi?" I asked in my most monotone voice, the nurse instructed that we both stay out of training for another couple of months, I might as well try to be nice.

"Since you're offering, go on then" He offered a small smile. Fake or not, I appreciate the effort. I made two cups of tea, both milky with one sugar. I remember from years back we always liked our tea the same way. 

What irritated me the most was the fact that I can remember small details such as tea, but I can't actually remember why I hated him so much in the first place. Apart from being an annoying piece of ass of course. 

"Here's your tea" I uttered, placing the steaming cup in front of him. He mumbled a quiet thanks in my direction before returning to his work.

"Do you remember what happened during the last mission?" Levi's face was serious, his brows were furrowed, his jaw was strained so much I thought it was going to snap.

"Not really, the whole thing was a blur"


There was a awkward momentary silence while we both drank our tea. 

"Maybe it's for the best that we forgot, we were injured so bad I don't think I would want to remember how" Levi nodded in agreement, returning to our usual silence. 


Levi's POV

It was getting late, just gone 10 pm. We decided to work later today just so we can get the day off tomorrow, it is the annual Sina dance and all remaining members of the Survey Corps are invited. And unfortunately being a Captain I have no choice but to attend with my squad. 

"India get me the remaining files from the cupboard" She looked at me with a stern glance, I knew she wanted to 'hear my manners' seriously? It's like we're still 10 years old. I refused to speak earning a stressed out sigh from her. 

She lazily walked back from the cupboard with the files. 

But being so fucking stupid that she is, she tripped over one of the brooms sticking out of the closet.

"Managing to knock yourself out by tripping over a broom.That takes some serious stupidity." I mumbled to myself, I lifted her unconscious body from the floor and onto the couch.


India's POV

Ow. That. Really. Fucking. Hurt. 

I placed my hand to my head, meeting with a cold, wet towel on top of it. I opened my eyes meeting with Levi's cold yet concerned gaze. His strong form sat above me on the couch.

"I-I er thought you might have a mild concussion, you've been out for 3 hours, it's 1 AM" I smiled, did he actually care?

"And you actually stayed that long? I'm surprised you didn't leave after 15 minutes at the most!" He rolled his eyes, facing towards the door. 

"Levi" He looked directly at me, noticing my serious tone. Something that he hasn't heard in a very long time. 

"Thank you. I really mean it." I offered him a genuine smile, which he politely returned.

"I couldn't just leave you there" 

I went to kiss his cheek in thank you, but he turned his head making me hit the corner of his mouth. Pulling away awkwardly, I blushed a deep crimson.

"I-I-I'm.." He stopped my tracks by actually kissing me. This time it wasn't the heat of the moment. Was this real feelings? Why aren't I pulling away?   

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