My Captain. My Enemy (A Captain Levi Fan fiction)

"I grew up with the Captain, I was always top of my classes. Even in scout training. You can imagine how bummed I was when he topped me when it really mattered.. On the battlefield. Instead of being best friends like we used to, we quickly grew apart. Eventually hating each other. The cold icy wall between us is the only thing in this world that is impossible to break down..." Or is it?

Levi is humanities greatest, India his second in command. Not by choice obviously. After a traumatising battle leaves them both with a mutual injury, forcing them to work together in a tight spaced office doing paper work. Who will kill the other first? Or will they spare each others lives for something greater?


3. "How The Fuck Am I Supposed To Hate You Now?"

India's POV

Even though I was surprised by the sudden kiss, I didn't pull back. Until we had to, to catch our breath. Levi looked at me shocked, letting go off me quickly, from carrying me bridal style. The drop making me wobble slightly. 

"Good day of work Captain. See you tomorrow. I guess" I uttered almost running towards my dorm. 

How am I supposed to hate that bitch if he kisses me? That was obviously a spur in the moment thing. It didn't mean anything right? Tomorrow, we'll go back to hating each other as usual. Hopefully. Anything else would just be weird..

Levi's POV

I stood shell shocked for a good few minutes. Did I actually just kiss the brat that I hate so much? Does this mean I no longer hate her? Obviously I do, it was just a thing in the moment, that bitch has no feelings towards me, nor do I towards her. Tomorrow will go back to normal. Hatred in the air. 


I woke up the next morning with a pounding in my head. Hange turned up to dinner earlier than instructed to blab about her annoying science discoveries. Shitty glasses really knows how to push by buttons. Just by talking gets on my last nerve.

*knock knock*

I mentally groaned, stomping sleepily towards the door.


"Er Morning Captain.. Sorry, did I wake you?" She always got nervous around me.

"No it's fine Cadet Ral, what was it that you needed me for?" She gulped, her eyes darting from my face to my chest. I forgot to put a t-shirt on before answering the door. Fantastic. Way to be professional Levi.

"Um.. Er I have an.. Um.. message from Commander Erwin.. Er..Asking if you and Section Commander.. Um Jaeger.. Could look through Eren Jaeger's file first.. Uh.. As it's the most important.." Wow, that took her a while.

"Thank you Petra. I will make sure I get right on it" She nodded at me, not once making direct eye contact. She turned around quickly to begin walking away. I decided to have a little fun before my morning is ruined.

"Oh and Petra?" She turned around, a questioned look on her face. For the first time she caught my gaze. She was cute, but not my type. I need aggression, with Petra she's completely innocent except on the battlefield. 

"Eyes are up here, not down there" She blushed deeply. She uttered a sorry before scurrying off down the corridor. I smirked to myself. She makes it so easy. 

India's POV

'7:45 am' 

I'm actually up and ready for once. I sat at my dorm window, staring down at the lamp lit street. I love dark mornings, they are so peaceful, it helps take my mind off anything that's bothering me. This morning's topic, Captain Levi. 

I'm still 100% confused on why he kissed me. But I decided not to make a big deal out of it. The son of a bitch isn't going to control my mind any longer. 

Making my way towards Levi's office I noticed Petra running towards me. Her face was bright red.

"Petra! Woah woah woah! What's wrong?!" She was breathing heavily, pointing in the direction of Levi's dorm. My blood instantly began to boil.

"What. Did. He. Do. To. You?!" I gritted my teeth, feeling my own face heat up with rage. If he touched her, I'll kill him.

"He.. Um, called me out for staring at him.. er at his chest.. He knows I'm attracted to him India!! What do I do?!" I growled loudly, everyone in the survey corps knows that Petra has a thing for Levi.. Including Levi. The fact that he caught her out on it really makes me want to kill him myself. Forget the titans.

"I'll kill him." I uttered. Petra gave me a small smile.

"He'll listen to you. Even though you two aren't on the best of terms he listens to you, can you help me?" I nodded eagerly. Revenge is always my forte, revenge against Levi. Even better!

"Right I need to go to work, but here's the plan. I know you won't want to go back there because, well he's a jerk. So I'll step in for you" I grinned for once actually excited to work in Levi's office.

"What are you going to do?"

"Seduce him until he cracks. Then we'll see how he likes being made an example of!"


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