My Captain. My Enemy (A Captain Levi Fan fiction)

"I grew up with the Captain, I was always top of my classes. Even in scout training. You can imagine how bummed I was when he topped me when it really mattered.. On the battlefield. Instead of being best friends like we used to, we quickly grew apart. Eventually hating each other. The cold icy wall between us is the only thing in this world that is impossible to break down..." Or is it?

Levi is humanities greatest, India his second in command. Not by choice obviously. After a traumatising battle leaves them both with a mutual injury, forcing them to work together in a tight spaced office doing paper work. Who will kill the other first? Or will they spare each others lives for something greater?


2. "From Bed Bound, To Office Bound"

India's POV

"But Commander, you don't understand-!" After gaining severe injuries from the last mission I am unable to attend training or any battles until I have fully recovered. That means I am stuck doing the piles of paperwork until that happens. Sucks to be me. 

That's not even the worst part. I'd much rather do this alone, however, because there is so much work that needs to be done I have been put as the assistant for Captain Levi Ackerman. I don't care if he saved my ass or not he's still the biggest jerk I've ever met. 

"It's settled Jaeger! You will meet Levi in his office at 8 o'clock sharp Monday morning. I expect the best quality of work from my two best soldiers, you both can not retire until 6 pm, you understand?!" I nodded sheepishly, running my hand threw my messy hair with my remaining good arm. 

"I understand Commander" He briefly nodded down at me, before strutting off like the big boss he is. I've seen Levi's office, it's tiny. Which means I'll actually have to sit near him which sucks ass. 


The Monday morning sunrise shines through my bedroom window, almost blinding me in the process. I lightly groan, facing my alarm clock which is currently angrily beeping at me. 

"Piss off!" I shout to no one in particular, just early morning blues I guess. Or stuck working with a jerk blues sounds more like it.. Someone ferociously knocks on my door, instead of actually answering it I just lay in bed. Contemplating life while glaring at the door who woke my peaceful manner.

"Tch, Jesus Christ brat, get your arse up. We have work in precisely 20 minutes" That dark emotionless voice could only belong to one person. Levi. Unless there were two of them, which would be my worst nightmare.. 

"Now you're voice is definitely not one I want to here first thing in the morning. Or ever in fact. So piss off, I'll be down in'precisely 20 minutes'" I growled, mimicking his annoying tone.

"Whatever brat, just be ready" I heard his footsteps drown out down the corridor. Ah peace at last, but not for long as I have to see the bitch in approximately 16 minutes.. Slowly standing up I opened a single window, glancing down at the barely lit streets, I put on my freshly pressed uniform, effortlessly doing up the buttons of my shirt with one hand, which is an extremely hard task if you didn't know! Doing my hair was the next task, proving to be much more difficult than the last. After attacking my bed head with a brush tying it up was proven to be impossible with one arm, being the complete lazy shit I am, I gave up, letting my long dark brown locks swish annoyingly down my back.

"7:50 am"

I have 10 minutes to get down to the corporal's office. Easy. 

Levi's POV

That bitch better be late, I can't stand seeing her face for 10 minutes, never mind 10 hours!.

"Levi" I looked up to see Commander Erwin greeting me with his serious expression.

"Good morning commander, unfortunately section commander Jaeger has yet to arrive sir" I smirked slightly, being late on her first day.. The bitch is in trouble.

"Not to worry Captain, she still has 5 minutes. Anyway what I came here to talk to you about is instead of doing paperwork today, you and your second in command are assigned to cleaning the basement library. It seems that cadets have messed up all the books and well the place is looking rather dusty" Cleaning huh? Not bad. 

"Morning Commander" I mentally groaned, right on time she is. I forgot she was turning up.

"Jaeger! So happy you joined us, I was just discussing with the captain that you and him are cleaning out the basement library" She offered Erwin a polite smile, however straight away glaring at me while Erwin wasn't looking. Brat. 

"So are we not expected to complete paperwork today?" Erwin shook his head briefly, earning a happy smile from my inferior.

"I hope you two have a pleasant day, cleaning supplies should be waiting for you in the library"  With that the Commander left, leaving me alone with my nemesis.

"Well what are you waiting for, where's your pretty apron?" She hasn't even been here for 10 minutes and she's already getting on my last nerve. I grunted in response, taking my cleaning uniform from the cupboard in the back of my office, deliberately shoving her shoulder as I walked past her.

India's POV

That boy is a pain in my ass. 


Entering the library was like walking into a pig sty. I'm not even joking.

"Disgusting." Levi muttered, covering his annoying trap of a mouth with a white face mask.

"You're hair is going to get filthy if you leave it down" His emotionless drone echoed through the empty room.

"Don't you think if I could tie it up I would? My arm fucking kills if if I lift it up even to a 45 degree angle!" I sighed running my free arm through my hair. Levi stomped straight across the room, grabbing a chair before pushing it towards me.

"Sit" He stated, he glared at me when I didn't move, I rolled my eyes at him before sitting down on the chair.

He removed his mask from his jaw, carefully scooping up my hair. His fingertips lightly grazed over the back of my neck and behind my ears sending shivers down my spine. He ran his fingers through my hair, softly getting rid of tangles before tying it up not to tight in a high ponytail. He hadn't done a bad job. 

You could tell by his sassy stance that he was expecting a sarcastic comment, but I decided to take the high road and uttered a 'thanks' in his direction. 

Grabbing a cloth and spray from the pile of cleaning supplies from the middle of the room, I headed for the back shelves of the library, keeping my distance from Levi. I don't want to see his annoying ass scowl until we can leave.


Levi's POV

She may be a pain in the ass but even I have to admit, her cleaning skills are pretty good. 

She groaned, realizing we had one bookcase left. Meaning we'd have to be in 2 metres of each other. My eyes naturally rolled at her childishness. 17:40 pm. 20 minutes Levi, 20 minutes, then you can have your peace! I exhaled loudly thinking of the exhilarating time I have without her being anywhere near me. 

I observed her as she scowled at a book on the table behind us, the book lived on the top shelf. She tugged at the ladder with her good arm. I smirked slightly at her struggling.

"Tch, the ladder is stuck, how are we supposed to get the bloody book back up there now?!" Her impatient manner annoyed me, but the quicker we get that book up there the quicker we can leave. 

I sighed, crouching down beside her. "Get on my shoulders, from what I remember you are pretty light" She mumbled something under her breath, probably some insult that I couldn't give a damn about. I watched her as she slowly removed her brown leather boots. She stood up flipping her hair, which had came out of her ponytail, behind her shoulders. This was the first time I had actually looked at her in years, for a brat, she was quite attractive, no extremely attractive. But she probably already knows that. 

She caught my gaze, making me awkwardly cough facing towards the bookcase. I offered her my hand which she took, standing delicately on both my shoulders. 

"Are you done yet? The missing spot is right in front of you!" It's not that she was heavy that rushed made me rush her, because she wasn't. I just wanted to get back to my dorm.

"Yeah, okay I'm d-" She lost her balance slipping directly off my shoulders,quickly falling towards the floor..

India's POV

I flinched, bracing myself for the impact of the wooden floor, but it never came. I opened my eyes to find myself in the arms of Levi. To be honest I was quite surprised he didn't let me face plant the floor and laugh about it for the next 20 years of our lives. However I was obviously grateful. 

I felt my face warm up, embarrassed to be face to face with a man who I sincerely hated. I noticed for the first time in years how sharp and quite beautiful his features were, for the first time his eyes leaked emotion instead of being dark grey pools of hatred. Was that emotion towards me? His pale complexion quickly gained a light shade of pink on his defined cheekbones, causing me to blush deeper. 

However his gaze never left mine, even as his face edged closer, his lips leading. Eventually clashing onto mine like a tidal wave against the shore...

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