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15. Supplement #7 - KPOP AND KDRAMA (OUT 3 DAYS LATE, 19/12/15)

​I want to say sorry for uploading this supplement late. Today was my last day to write and upload to hit my one upload a week target. Soo... Kpop and Kdrama. They go hand in hand as they work together in the tight Korean Entertainent industry.

A lot of KPOP idols are trained not only as singer and dancers... but as actors too. They audition like everyone else and their names give dramas an advantage in press coverage, so because of this a lot of these actors and actresses become duel specialists in both stage and small screen.

Here are my top four K-Drama KPOP idols in no particular order -

- Ex- MBLAQ Lee Joon - starring in Gap Dong, Mr Baek, and Through The Grape Vines.

-EXO D.O (KyungSoo) - starring in That's Okay, It's Love, and I Remember You.

-Infinite Hoya - Starring in Reply 1997, My Lovely Girl, and Mask.

-FT.Island's Lee Hong Ki - Modern Farmer, Bride of the Century, and You're Beautiful.


This will probably be the last instalment of MOST magazine as the contest will end in 2 days time. If I can update with the final issue between then, I will :) Thank you to whoever followed this fanzine, and wish it luck in the contest!

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