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11. Supplement #5 - Kim Soo Hyun! (01/12/15) (Just a little late)

Kim Soo Hyun Supplement!

Kim Soo Hyun is a South Korea actor born 16th Feb 1988 - he's now 27 years old. According to several account, was a timid child and the last thing anyone expected him to become was an actor. Despite this, he made it, and is now considered a mighty rival to Lee Min Ho - who's considered the leader of the Hallyu Wave (The Korean Wave - the global spread of Korean culture).

Kim Soo Hyun now endorses multi-million products in TV ads and poster campaigns, alongside his Asian meet-and-greets, he himself becoming increasingly popular in the shut-off entertainment industry in China. He has starred since debut in repeatedly hit dramas including You Who Came From the Stars and The Moon That Embraces The Sun. He also starred in the hit international movie, Secretly, Greatly.

His family also appear to be made up of stars - his father being a hit trot singer and sister an up and coming actress and singer herself.

Having already made such a name for himself, he effortlessly pulls in rolls but much like Lee Min Ho, appears as more a method actor, taking on very few roles within a year.

You Who Came From The Stars is notably his biggest hit yet, and he hasn't starred in anything since to rival it. His role led him into the realm of endorsement and other such activities that seem to keep his schedule busy. Aside from this, he's won numerous awards for the roles he has played.

He's someone Lee Min Ho has to look out for as this hot young actor isn't one who's backing down just yet.


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