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9. Supplement #4 Heart To Heart Drama Review! (25/11/15)

Ladies and Gentleman, there was one drama that had me reeling and cursing in emotional pain while shipping my pairing all the way through... And stupidly enough I forgot to include it in the medial drama issue.

At least this way, it gets a full section to itself.

Heart To Heart is a romance-comedy-medical drama starring Chun Jung Myung and Choi Kang Hee. It aired in 2015 for 16 episodes on tvN.

The drama follows the character of Cha Hong Do - a girl with a severe social phobia rendering human contact useless unless she wears a bike helmet. When her grandma dies (her only living family), she recoils further into herself in a lonely existence.

Meanwhile, psychiatrist Ko Yi Suck is maintaining a popular clinic in Seoul treating a variety of issues, even writing a book. He however has a rude personality and doesn't care much for his patients so long as he reaches success. Into the storyline, a patient while in his office tries to kill himself with a pen - but it also became clear that during his session, Yi Suck had been drinking and is now accused with assault/attempted murder. The media backlashes, people vandalise his clinic, and it seems like his career is over.

Ko Yi Suck returns to his clinic, drinks, and becomes set on killing himself. Minutes later, Hong Do enters and finds him dangling from the ceiling. She gets over her social fear for a second to save him, however Yi Suck isn't as happy as you'd think for a man who's just been saved from the brink of death. He's angry, however as a thanks decides to treat Hong Do despite all the rude things he's said to her. He promises that he'll be able to make her get over her fear and be together with her policeman neighbour who she's watched over for several years.

Their relationship becomes a weird combination of doctor-patient and lovers. While drunk within the first few episodes, they end up sleeping together (which is probably a KDrama first and more than likely earns the record for fastest progress... You barely see a suggestion at a sexual relationship in a KDrama through the whole thing, never mind the first few episodes). Yi Suck holds this against her for the entire thing and as Hong Do seems to break from her shell and move towards her long-term crush, he uses it against her selfishly to keep her to himself.

An even bigger aspect of the story is that before Hong Do was cured, she could only leave the house disguised or with her helmet. After he grandma died, it become apparent the only way she had to make money was to become someone else. For years she's been dressing as her deceased grandma (prosthetics, makeup, the lot) and working as a maid. Just before Hong Do and Yi Suck meet, Hong Do is hired in Yi Suck's family household where his mother and grandparents live. In a nice comedic twist, Yi Suck's grandfather begins to fall for the grandma Hong Do.

This drama was really blunt, which was a nice change. There wasn't any flowers and daisies and everything was straight to the point. This is to be expected of a tvN drama - one of my favourite networks with the /best/ dramas. Nearly all regions can watch this drama on VIKI, so go do that =D

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