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7. Supplement #3 - Just In! (18/11/15)

As all the popular dramas are finishing up for this week (such as She Was Pretty), a lot of new dramas are due to start. In this mini supplement I want to talk about the most hyped - Oh My Venus!

Oh My Venus began airing last week and currently has two episodes. The third and fourth episode will air this week (the 19th and 20th). The amount of episodes is not confirmed but it's unlikely to run for more than 30 and for this type of drama I'd say more in the range of 20 episodes. ​​

From what I'd watched of the two episode, the drama appears to be a comedy-romance starring Shin Min Ah an So Ji Sub - both popular names in drama I haven't mentioned yet. Shin Min Ah is known for her beauty as is So Ji Sub - and both of whom are older too (both mid to late 30's). This drama is one for older audiences, but can still be enjoyed by teenagers making a change to the dramas I've featured here in this magazine mostly.

In the first episode we are introduced to the character of Kang Joo Eun in high school in an over exaggerated situation showing us how she was desired by everyone for her looks. She's shown to be utterly gorgeous and intelligent, wanting nothing more than to please her mom and become a lawyer. She doesn't care much for her so called beauty but knows when to use it. In this portion of the drama you meet her first love and fly through maybe a year or two showing how this relationship progresses.

Eventually, the dramam catches up to modern day. Suddenly we are introduced to a very different Kang Joo Eun - she's now a lawyer, but she's lost her beauty and is now overweight. She struggles to lose it and begins to hate her life, however after 15 years she still has the same boyfriend - first love - from high school.

At the same time, viewer are introduced to Kim Young Ho - a personal trainer renowned for his skill at transforming individuals. While a media rich scandal zero's in on him in America, he decided to return to Korea.

The two coincidentally meet on a plane to Korea - Joo Eun having been there on a weekend business trip relating to her lawyer stuff. On the place, however, she passes out amidst turbulence mixed in with the fact she'd taken multiple diet pills on an empty stomach with wine and caffeine, also wearing a restricting corset.

The only doctor on the plane is Young Ho, who comically rips off her clothes, scandalously received by the flight attendants and uses the emergency medical supplies to make her comfortable. He takes her back to first class with his friends and wait for her to wake up.

The two clearly don't get on and as the drama unfolds over an episode and a half after that, we've just been left on a cliff hanger of Joo Eun finding out Young Ho's real identity - as this famous personal trainer in America, John Kim - the one wrapped in a scandal. I imagine from here this is when Young Ho offers or is forced into working her back into shape and also when the romance blooms.

In the background of this I see room for a love triangle with the events of episode 1 and 2 when her boyfriend of 15 years breaks up with her for being too ugly for another woman. Guess who won't get her back? Hahaha

Pick up this drama today on Viki! =D

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