Fanzine for K-Dramas and all the K-Drama fans. whoever gets the inspiration from the title wins a cookie :3

Bringing light to most recent, underrated, and classic K-Dramas and theirs stars.



WELCOME, to the launch of MOST Magazine Korea. Title inspired by the K-Drama 'She Was Pretty' - which is currently airing and will finish in about 6 episodes time. If anyone's new to K-Dramas, I suggest you read on and check them out!

K-Drama is a TV genre for great more often short running Dramas! They're melodramatic, they're expertly shot, they're a HUGE deal in Korea, and they're appreciated by all ages.

I was introduced to K-Drama through K-Pop. No surprise there.

In this magazine, WITH A NEW ISSUE EVERY WEEK & SUPPLEMENTS IN BETWEEN, I'll cover everything there is to know, new dramas out soon, reviews of just-finishing dramas, and the good old classics! Keep an eye out.

In the meantime between the release of the first issue (which will be due out on the 1/11/15), here are the best sites to watch K-Drama on depending on where you live!

VIKI - Worldwide excluding Asia. This site legally gains the rights to upload the shows and is run by fans for fun, subtitling in nearly every language. They recently hit a milestone of 1 billions subtitles. They're the biggest, safest, and most reliable site for K-Drama.

DramaFever - North & South America. This site, like VIKI, legally gains the rights to the shows and is subtitled professionally (meaning they employ people to do this). This site contains a lot more ads than VIKI, but the benefit of using DramaFever is the gaurentee that subs are correct and will actually be there - as with VIKI, you'll have to wait until the subtitle team subs it (the fans). Don't use if you're from Europe as not only will there be a plethora of ads, but half of the shows will be blocked. - this site isn't strictly legal but requires no downloading - only streaming. If you get an extension to block ads, it's fine. It contains a lot more dramas than the other two sites, and always has subs. Use if you dare (I know I do).

Look out for issue 1! Fave & Like for updates =D

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