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10. ISSUE #5 - Workplace Dramas - Broadcaster & Beauty (29/11/15)

​Broadcaster and beauty! What a combination! Without dragging the introduction on for several paragraphs, let's get on with it =D

The following are in no particular order and will list the top 3 dramas revolving around broadcasting or the beauty industry!

1. Nail Shop Paris

Nail Shop Paris is a mini drama from 2013 airing for 10 episodes. It met relative success despite it not airing on one of the main Korean channels. It starred Park Gyul Lee, Song Jae Rim, Thunder, and Jun Ji Hoo.

The character Hong Yeo Joo is a female romance author. Her most recent online novel is caught up in a plagerism scandal and she decides to start new with a whole new idea to prove herself. She decides to people-watch and comes across Alex, who saves a woman from assault in the street. Following Alex to work, she discovers he works in an all-male nail shop called Nail Shop Paris. He also works alongside Jin and Kay. In order to further her people watching, she decides to disguise herself as a man to work in the nail shop while continuing to write her novel. A love triangle develops between Alex and Kay, a sort of with Jin. All sorts of drama you would expect within ten episodes, and it's short and sweet.

It may be a little weird for first-time drama viewer and I personally thought the plot was confusing at points. Especially when they start to show visual representations of her plotting in her head - it gets hard to see how its relevant to the plot and not as an episode filler. Otherwise, it's short enough to finish in a few days and it's one of those dramas most dedicated viewers have seen.

2. Producer

Producer is a 2015 mini-drama that aired for 12 episodes. It starred Kim Soo Hyun (who will feature in this weeks upcoming supplement), IU, and Gong Hyo Jin.

This drama is a simple enough romantic comedy following Baek Sung Chan - a recent graduate looking for a job in broadcasting, but specifically applies to a job in the network KBS in hopes of wooing his first love all the way from his highschool days. Taek Ye Jin is the head producer of Music Bank - a live music segement on the network who clashes with Sung Chan in comedic relief throughout his turbulent start to his career. He also spends much time butting heads with Ra Joon Moo - a sunbae who has it out for Sung Chan. The plot follows Sung Chan overcoming first love, building his own career that seems destined to fail, and making a name for himself in building back up a failing program fated to be cancelled. He meets the spunky character of Cindy, a love interest that develops throughout the program who so happens to be a Korean idol singer. Who he ends up with, and if he saved the fated-to-be-cancelled program, watch to find out.

I personally couldn't finish thisprogram - it didn't follow a plot line that caught much of my attention past the first few episodes despite a for sure star studded cast.

3. Pinocchio

Pinnochio is a hit 2014-15 drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye (The actress you see on the front of this fanzine). It aired for 20 episodes and was immensely popular amongst international K-Drama fans, however the national results put this drama at 5th place in its slot at its highest.

The drama follows Ha Myeong. As a child his father was a firefighter, who on one occasion tackled a suspicious warehouse fire resulting in most of his men being killed in the fire and Ha Myeong's father disappearing with no remains to be found. Shortly after due to a backlash of the media hounding Ha Myeong's family of being that of a murderers, his mother attempts to take her life with Ha Myeong, leaving his older brother behind. His mother dies, but Ha Myeong through trauma, appears to forget his past life and is taken in by a grandfather who lives in a rural area on a small island after he finds the boy while out of his boat. The grandfather has a form of dementia, and mistakes Ha Myeong for Dal Po - his dead son.

Grandfather's other son shortly after a break up of their own family relocates as only father and daughter and finds the boy his grandfather has taken in. They're advised by a doctor against telling grandfather the truth about Dal Po in fear of the grandfather suffering even more and the father and daughter - In Ha - grudgingly accept Dal Po as their own. 

Dal Po makes a name for himself on the island as a village idiot, despite being an inner genius with great intellect like his true brother he left behind. He reveals his true genius when Dal Po is nominated to appear on a national tv quiz show for school children and in a way to woo and confess his love for In Ha, effortlessly defeat In Ha's crush but never actually confesses like planned after he thinks about it. This effort of his is also so he can investigate the network that reported and covered the scandal following his family years before and get revenge on those who he thinks killed and tore apart his family.

In a time skip, the family including the grandfather move to Seoul, and in the meantime we are shown Dal Po's true brother, Jae Myeong, and how he copes with the fate of his family. He becomes a criminal himself as he slowly seeks revenge and murders those responsible.

A few episodes into the timeskip, Dal Po and In Ha have graduated and now aim to become News Reporters. In Ha has a condition in which she hiccups every time she lies, making chances of her becoming a news reporter rare when any potential employer finds out.

They both are hired eventually at rival stations - Dal Po on what appears to be a 'good' network, and In Ha at the 'bad' network run by her divorced mother who's actually responsible for the vile rumours spread about Dal Po's hidden past.

This drama follows In Ha discovering the past of Dal Po and Dal Po coming to terms with what really happened to his family while working with the head producer in unearthing the past. In Ha also has to come to terms with the sins her mother commited against Dal Po and his family, and they both together have the deal with Dal Po's off-the-rails brother in stop his from hurting someone else.

This drama had a great, complex storyline that keeps you guessing. This drama is one enjoyed by most who watched, and it really helped having such a star-studded cast.

Have you guys seen this drama? If not, you're missing out!

Supplement #6 out late on 03/12/15 and Issue #6 on KDRAMA MARRIAGE out on 05/12/15

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