What sauce? ; muke


"Hi yeah, you're blocking the way,"

"We're 5sos..."

"I do not know any kind of five star sauce your talking about."



; in which Michael can be pain in the ass when it comes to taste in music, especially a band called {5 s e c o n d s o f s u m m e r}

• short story based // hehe
•slow updated because I'm lazy af☻


2. 02


A/n: bam! Let's start haha.


One step.

Two step.

Nevermind, Michael can go like this all day long.

To keep him occupied.

"Three," he breathed out.

His arms flying everywhere like a child jumping on the rocks on a river.

"Oppmh," he fell backwards against a strong chest.





Michael sighed in relief or else he will be in big trouble.

"Fuck, I'm so sorry, I didn't," an Asian guy offered his hand.

Michael likes the way the guy's chestnut hair would fly everywhere.

He smiled a bit not reaching his ears.


But not for him.

"Are you okay?" The guy asked again.

Michael nodded.

The guy offered his hand.

But Michael didn't took it.

He doesn't want other people's touch other than his 'lover' on him.

"Are you okay?" He asked again.

Michael groaned in annoyance but didn't show it. His 'lover' would beat him if he show any disrespect.

"I'm fine," he mumbled stumbling a bit but gaining his position once more.

"I'm Calum," the guy introduced smiling brightly in this cold weather.

Why would he smile like that?

It's not the happy season.

It's winter. Cold.

Where's the cold personality.

"And you are?"

"Mike," he half lied.

Who knows he can be any murderer or something.

He nodded and smiled once more.

Michael thinks his smile is adorable once, but when he did it many times, it starts to annoy him.

A lot.

"I need to go," Michael said, Calum nodding.

"Guess, I'll see you around then?" He grinned.

"Yea," he smiled genuinely. It's a real one though. He felt awful throwing cold answers at the innocent young fella named Calum.

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