What sauce? ; muke


"Hi yeah, you're blocking the way,"

"We're 5sos..."

"I do not know any kind of five star sauce your talking about."



; in which Michael can be pain in the ass when it comes to taste in music, especially a band called {5 s e c o n d s o f s u m m e r}

• short story based // hehe
•slow updated because I'm lazy af☻


1. 01


~ a/n: let's fuck this shit and start yeah? ☻ lmao ima loser ( UNEDITED )


Michael's late.

Very late.

Well, let's just say he has a bit of an illness.

But Michael wouldn't label himself like that.

Michael has OCD in other words.

And being late is clearly in not in his top lists.

He's illness is not that critical nor dangerous but it can still be annoying to some.

But his family wouldn't mind.

His friends wouldn't mind.

Especially his boyfriend wouldn't mind as well.

Michael's panicking now.

He doesn't know what to do.

Usually he's organized and his schedule is on time,

but today, it went haywire.

He's sweating.

Staring at the clock as the time pass by is not helping at all.

Sitting in a bus that moves slower than his own grandma he would describe is driving him insane.

He tapped on the driver.

"Uh, can you please hurry up, I'm a bit in a rush," he said reasonably and quite proud that he didn't snapped at him any second.

Michael can't maintain his temper as well.

But that's alright.

He's alright, right?

"Sir, I'm an old man, clearly you can't expect this age to drive as fast as you could imagine," the driver chuckled to himself making Michael groan in annoyance.

His lover would not approve of this.


"Late," his 'lover' said tapping his cold rigid fingers into the table as if it was for pleasure or for power radiating.

"The bus was late," Michael mumbled not wanting to make a scene.

His 'lover' stepped forward touching Michael's pale cheeks and swirling his old rusted fingers in it,

tracing the permanent yet old scar marked on him.

"Pretty," he moaned.

Michael nodded in agreement knowing too well that he's drunk.

After a good full minutes of his 'lover' admiring Michael,

Michael knew it was time to go.

"You will visit me again soon yeah?" He asked looking down as if he was a young child that was taken away from his parents.

"Yes," Michael said out once as his time visit is running out.

"I'll see you soon okay? Please behave for me?" Michael asked to see him nod as a yes.

"Don't leave me Michael," he's voice is hoarse ,

meaning he's starting to be a sober now.

Michael take that a cue before earning another scar from him.

His 'lover' wrapped his arms around his tiny waist and mumbled 'I love you' in his ears.

Michael couldn't take this anymore.

"I love you too,"

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