I can't be the only one when I squeal after I read a fucking cliche story. So here it is. I decided to write a cliche love romancy love story that I imagine in my dreams. I don't major in English or whatever but my English is fucking fine.
Sorry if I curse a lot. Oh well.
Anyway, you have been warned.
Rae Avelyn wasn't special.
She was that girl that didn't mess with anything. At all.
Like every other 17 year old, she had an extra job to pay off her tuition fee.
She delivered pizza. Nothing special.
Until a twist of fate, she had to work an extra shift, and she had a massive order placed on her.
And who ordered 2 large pepperoni pizzas, 3 large hawaiian pizzas, and 6 medium double cheese pizzas (and a gluten free pizza) ?
Jace Cruz.
Hot. Captain of the football team. Perfect hair.
Of course it had to be the party Rae wasn't invited to.


1. wrap me in your love

chapter one

wrap me in your love


I'm that hopeless romantic. The one that wishes to have a hot boyfriend but never has one. The one who just rolls her eyes at the popular kids making out in the middle of the hallway. The one who has a crush on the hot guy but is taken by the stupid popular girl. The one who cries because her crush who doesn't notice her. The one that reads fan fiction from morning till night. The one who have fantasies about her 'perfect boyfriend' that doesn't even exist (unless it's Channing Tatum).

However, my thoughts are sometimes interrupted, like- "RAE WAKE UP!" someone shouted and my eyes flattered open. Oh God. What's wrong with my friends and their loud voices? "What is it? For fucks sake Sienna. I'm SLEEPING." I grunted and rolled to the right on my beautiful bed made of heaven. "I told you. I TOLD YOU NOT to watch Arrow until 2 am."

"I can't help it. Oliver Queen needs me to stare at his v-line." I slurred in my sleep. "Fine. If you don't wake up.. I'll-"

"Sienna. Don't do-" I grunted.

"ARGHHHHHHHH!" she screamed in her annoying high pitched voice she uses every single time she wants something from me. "OKAY I'M UP PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP." I said, kicking the sheets off my legs. My legs draped over the sides of the bed as I yawned. Max, my orange persian cat, walked towards me with his tail high. He jumped onto the bed, stretched, yawned and napped.

"Good morning to you too." I grinned sarcastically, as I squinted at my cat. Sienna scoffed and tossed some fabric to me. I held it up and yep- it was a bikini. "GET READY FOR SOME HOT GUYS!" she shouted, dancing as she headed out my room. I rolled my eyes, smirking at the zebra printed- fringe bikini.

Standing up, I walked to my bathroom. I stared at the mirror, my wavy, messy ginger hair draped over my shoulder down to my chest. I tilted my head and sighed. I've read that you see yourself 8 times more attractive then you really are. Wow I must be really unattractive. Shaking the thought away, I put on the bikini, And draped a green beach towel scarf over my body. Makeup? Nah. Too lazy for that shit. But if I don't, I'll look like crap. Fine, I decided to put on some waterproof eyeliner, mascara and a cute pink shade of lipstick.

Arriving downstairs, Sienna was ready, all of our stuff were packed and ready to go. "Sienna approves of the outfit. 8/10. Could've been 10/10 but you didn't do your hair." Sienna's mouth formed a straight line, glaring at me like a creepy china doll. I smiled and grabbed my keys. "Let's go."

"BABY I'M PERFECT, BABY I'M PERFECT FOR YOU. OH MY GOD HARRY. UGH. SO PERFECT." Sienna sang off key as she rolled down her window. "Hey Rae?" she turned and smiled. "Yeah?" I faced her, then back at the road. She paused. "Nevermind. I forgot what I was going to say."

"Well, I hope you're happy. I have to work an extra shift tomorrow because I'm taking a day off today." I said, breaking the silence after some time. "It'll all be worth it. We hardly go to the beach. Plus, it's a Saturday. There'll be lots of cute frat boys and single fathers there"

"SIENNA!" I frowned at her. "Fine! The older guys are off limits."

Arriving at the beach, Sienna got down my car excitedly. Her dirty blonde locks sat on her shoulders, and her red bandana printed bikini topped everything off. She's really pretty. "You find a nice spot, and I'll get us some milkshakes." she grinned, facing the ocean. She disappeared from sight and I breathed in the ocean. Smiling, I took our supplies and walked forwards.

 "Rae! Rae!" Sienna (I could recognize her voice from anywhere) called out. I looked to the back, but I continued walking. Suddenly, the next thing I knew, I was on the ground. "Ow." I groaned, rubbing my forehead. "Oh God, are you okay?" a familiar voice asked. No it wasn't Sienna. It was a guy. Adjusting my eyesight, my vision finally became normal. 

"Oh fuck." I cursed, my eyes widening. He smiled shyly, which made me blush. "Jace! I mean- Jace, right?" I said. Sienna was next to him, she looked worried. "Is she okay?"

"Yeah," Jace said. "I think she's just a little stunned. That's all." he said in a boyish chuckle. Oh god. I don't think he knows me. Does he? Well, I have Biology with him, and History. And English. "What's your name?" he asked.

Oh. He doesn't know me.

"I'm, um, Rae." I stuttered. Sienna was just kneeling there, giving me an 'Oooh, is he your crush' face. I squinted at Rae. "That's a pretty name. I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got to get back to my girlfriend."

Oh yeah. His girlfriend. Lyndsey Whitch. That girl was born a witch. I dont think you even need to explain who she is. You know, that overly bitchy, 'the hot boy in this school is my only boyfriend no one else can have him' girl.

He got up and walked back to his witch, and Sienna fired questions at me. "OH MY GOD YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON HI-" I covered her mouth and frowned at me. "What happened?" I asked.

"Oh, you tripped over Jace. No biggie."

"NO BIGGIE?! Sienna, he's the Zac Efron of our school! Ugh, so embarrassing. Can we just... call it a day. I wanna go home."

She frowned at me. "Fine."


It's Sunday. And I have to work today. Why does life hate me? Today Sienna was at her own apartment (thank god), so I had nothing to do until 5 o'clock, which was the time my shift started.

Hmm, what to do in these 5 hours?



After watching the last episode, I decided to get ready. As soon as I grabbed my keys, my phone rang. Grunting, I picked up my phone.

 "Hello?" I said. "Rae? You have to come ASAP. There's a huge order and we need you to deliver it. The last guy -what was his name? Barden? Barry? Ah yes, Barry.- he went home because his sister fell down the stairs. Sad. Anyway, We need you here in 5."

"Yes, boss. I'm coming." I said sweetly and hurried to Pappi's Pizza. 

"You're late." Mr. Doyle said sleepily as he worked the register. "Sorry boss. Where's Carlos?" I asked, putting on my pizza delivery outfit. "He's at the back. The pizzas should be done in three minutes."

I nodded, and walked to the back. "Hey Carl." I grinned, leaning forward, pressing myself against the kitchen counter. He smiled at me and packed the last pizza. "What's up?"

"Woah. That's alot of pizzas. Must be a party." I scoffed, looking at all the pizzas. "Must be. Hey are you free Tuesday night? Maybe we could go watch a movie?" he asked shyly, his eyes fiddling with the strap of the pizza bag. "Sorry Carlos. I'm not ready for a boyfriend." I told him, picking up 4 pizza boxes, walking to the back door, where the pizza vans were, him following after. "You said that the last 6 times."

"That's because I don't need a boyfriend. I'm not a fucking disney princess. I'm fine without anyone." I said, placing the pizzas carefully in the van. I opened the front passenger seat, getting in. Carlos got into the driver's seat and started the engine.

"So," I said awkwardly. "Where is this place?". "Nelson's walk. Number 54, I think." he said, stopping the vehicle when he came into a red light. "Rich assholes." I muttered. Nelson's walk is one of the most prestigious neighbor hoods in America. I couldn't afford living there even if I combined three generations of savings in the bank.

"We're here." Carlos said, pulling up the gear. I stared at the massive mansion, drunk teenagers scattered everywhere, toilet papered trees, music could be heard from a mile away. Not my scene. Just like in the fanfictions.

I sighed and hopped of the car. Trying to balance 5 pizzas, I knocked on the door, trying to ignore all of the horny men. The door swung open, revealing a very drunk... Jace?

Oh Lord. "Heyyyyy. PIZZA! I love pizza. How muc- Hey! Aren't you that girl who tripped on me?" he slurred. I could smell the alchohol on him. "Rae right? I almost forgot. You look hot in that outfit by the way." 

Hot? Me? Ha. Two things that don't go in a sentence. I felt my cheeks flush, thank god I have a stack of pizzas covering my face. "Hey- Don't talk to her like that." Carlos shouted from behind.

"Who are you? Her boyfriend? You guys don't look cute together." he scrunched up his nose in disgust. "You know what won't look cute?!" Carlos snarled, clenching his fist. "OKAY!" I said, breaking the two apart.

"Here's the pizzas," handing the pizzas over. He tried to grab them but he was just too drunk. "Jace. How many drinks did you have?" I asked sternly, looking at him in the eyes.

"I don't know... 10? 12? But it was worth it." he laughed. "Oh My God." I muttered, he stepped aside and Carlos and I went in. Music blasted so loud my eardrums bled, the overpowering smell of alcohol filled my nose. Girls grinding on guys, dancing to 'The Hills' by the weekend. I found the nearest counter in the kitchen as big as my apartment. A Couple was making out on the sink and the other doing it on the floor. And when I say doing it I meant having sex.

"How about the money?" Carlos asked after placing the pizzas on the counter, dusting his hands. "I'll collect the money from him tomorrow at school." I said. Quickly, we went back to the Pizza Parlor, avoiding anymore people.


"Good morning Mrs. Taylor." I smiled as I greeted my English teacher. She nodded, and smiled back. "You look so pretty today! You are like- the best teacher ever. Anyway... I was wondering... can I have Sienna as my partner in my English project?" I grinned hopefully. She chuckled, "Very well.".

After feeling like I've accomplished something, I scurried back to my seat next to Sienna. "What did she say?" 

"No." I pouted. "Damn it." she cursed, slamming her fist into the desk. "Kidding! So when are we going to start?" I stuck my tongue out. She rolled her eyes. "Oh, how was your shift last night?" she asked, popping the question out of nowhere. "It was-"

"Alright class!" Mrs Taylor said loudly. I instantly shut up and sat forward. "As some of you might know, we have an English project coming up..." Mrs Taylor announced enthusiastically, but the whole class groaned. "I'll be announcing your partners."

"Floyd with Kesha. Joanne with Harlett. Lyndsey with Mitch. Jace with Karen. Sienna with Rae."

"Mrs. Taylor?" someone rose their hand. My eyes darted across the room, landing on Lyndsey who was smirking at me. "I feel that it's unfair that Rae has her partner with Sienna. Don't you think that they should be working with someone that they don't know at all? That way they can make new friends." she smiled evilly, looking at me at the corner of her eye.

"Alright. Jace with Rae, Sienna with Karen."




a/n thanks so much for reading! Feedback is greatly appreciated. I've also wrote this on wattpad as well. Thanks alot. love :]

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