I'll Hold you

Tracy Nicole Kingston moves to the U. K. and meets a boy named Harry Edward Styles. She starts falling for him, but something unexpected happens at her friend's party that expresses Harry's thoughts and opinions on Tracy. Harry doesn't like her very much. A year later, everyone is starting high school as freshmen and Harry realizes how amazing Tracy is. He tries to find out how to win her over and notices that she's always wanted someone to hold her when she's feeling anything other than happy. He volunteers. "I'll hold you"


2. Introduction: Tracy Nicole Kingston

I'm Tracy Nicole Kingston. I'm 13, almost 14, I love music, food, fashion, drawing, writing, reading, and those are the basics. I'm pretty smart, but I'll let you in on a little secret about me, I'm not the best at math. Not only that, I don't like math very much. Now I know that math is going to be required for the rest of my life, so I'm trying my best because there's no way out of it. Also, I'm very lucky to be taught math. I am very grateful. I love English/Language Arts, I could read and write for hours. It's my favorite thing to do. Although, I stopped loving reading when it became a chore. I strongly disliked book reports, taking online tests on novels, reading certain chapters and pages by a deadline, all of the sudden, my favorite thing turned into a have-to instead of a get-to or want-to and that's what bothered me the most.

More about me, I have naturally wavy, medium length, brown hair, vibrant bright green eyes, I have a couple freckles under my eyes and on my nose, I'm 5'2, and I don't wear a ton of makeup, just a couple coats of mascara, and the occasional lip gloss. I have naturally pinkish-red cheeks, so no need for blush. I'm so into Vans and Converse, and I wear different colored socks at the same time. I'm not even kidding, I'll wear a magenta sock on my left foot and an orange sock on my right foot, and I'll go to school like that. I'm not sure if it's the style right now, but I like it.

I have a couple hobbies, I play the violin, I read and write, I draw, I dance, I do lyrical ballet, Pre-point, tap, and jazz, and in case you're wondering, lyrical ballet is dancing to songs with lyrics. So basically, lyrical ballet is acting out the song in an elegant and dramatic way.

I just moved to Chesire, United Kingdom from the United States. I used to live in Reno, Nevada, the biggest little city. That was an amazing city, there was always something to do. During summer, there were baseball games, summer camps, and Art Town. Art Town was every July, at this park called Idlewild Park, and people would set up booths and sell things, talk about things, show things. One summer that I went, there was a booth with a couple snakes, and this lady decided to put one around my neck. She told me to stand still even though I wanted to run as far away from that booth as I could get. Luckily, I didn't get bit by the snake. But that had to be the strangest experience I've ever had there!

During winter, you could go ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, shovel the snow off your neighbor's driveway for money, slide down your driveway on your sled, bake Christmas cookies, and eat Christmas cookies. I usually would put on a pair of sweatpants, a big, baggy, oversized sweater, get a cup of hot chocolate or hot apple cider, and either sit down and read a book by John Green or watch Netflix. I love the winter the most because it almost always snowed every winter, and pretty much every single shop, restaurant, house, and building, had a little holiday spirit. Whether it'd be the lights across the front of the roof, the Christmas trees, the Santa hats, the Christmas music, the mistletoe, or the fake snow that stores put on the floor of their stores, there was always something that made my insides light up. There were even Christmas themed TV shows, movies, and other TV shows would make a special holiday episode every Christmas. I also loved how kind everyone was to each other. Most people were kind in general, but around the holidays, there was something extra special about everyone. But there were also people who didn't celebrate Christmas, they celebrated Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other famous holidays. They would hang up their decorations, or set their candles up. Then there were people who didn't celebrate anything at all. The thing about Reno, was that, no matter what you celebrated, you weren't judged. If you want to celebrate Christmas, that's awesome, if you want to celebrate another holiday, that's awesome, if you don't want to celebrate anything at all, that's awesome.

During spring, all the flowers bloomed, and everybody would make their front yards, back yards, porches, and gardens, look whimsical. Spring was a perfect time to walk your dog or go for a run, walk, or jog. I used to walk down my street by myself and admire all the lilies and roses and trees that looked like green umbrellas. I had a green umbrella tree in my backyard, they were not called green umbrella trees, I called them that because it actually looked like a legit green umbrella sticking out of the ground, except, the trunk was brown. I kid you not, those are real things. But walking or driving through Reno, felt like you were living in one of those books, when they would tell you about their fairy sighting. It was amazing, I literally felt like I was going to find a fairy during the spring.

During fall, of course school was starting, so everybody was occupied with their studies. I know how everybody talks about the colors of the trees and leaves changing and how beautiful it is, but I honestly didn't even notice. I call fall the capris and skirts stage because it's not always warm enough to wear shorts, but it's too cold to wear pants. The only logical in between, is a pair of capris, or a light weight skirt. I love to wear cardigans year round, but fall is the perfect time to throw on blue tee shirt, a cream-colored cardigan, deep pink skirt, and a pair of black converse. That's usually my outfit for the fall, but almost every school in Reno has switched their clothing policies to only uniforms. The uniforms are, a pair of khaki pants, and a navy blue, collared, top with your school's name on it. That was sort of a disappointment, but at least they weren't making us come to school without clothes on! If they ever did that, I think I'd start online school or I'd be homeschooled.

I'd love to move back to Reno, I'd do anything for it. But I'm excited to start school in The United Kingdom! This is much different from The United States, I can already tell by the words they use for things. Not that many people actually know how to properly drink tea here, that are my age. That is a stereotype though, people from Nevada do not ride horses everywhere, we do not talk like Cowboys, we do not wear cowboy hats, that is a stereotype. Did someone come to Reno on Halloween and say, "Yep! They're mostly Cowboys!" We're not, I don't know anyone who is a cowboy, and I lived in Reno for 13, almost 14 years. I honestly got a little offended when I heard that for the first time. I just laugh now because people from Reno are actually pretty cool and care free, depending on who you meet.

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