When Elena moves to a new school and meets a group of boys she's love struck by Luke Hemmings, the sweet/bad boy of the group. There's just one problem, how is she gonna fix his broken heart?

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3. the end of that

Elena's POV

My alarm woke everyone up around 7:25am, except Luke had already been awake. He was dressed and everything, he even made toast with vegemite.

-Luke "Eyoo, well I feel extremely hung-over, but I still got up and made breakfast."

-Cal "I thin we're all hung-over, ugh, I need something for my headache or I might die in two seconds."

-Ashton "Well, the ibuprofen is in the cabinet suit yourself, you act like you don't even know your own house."

-Me "you have a point Ash."

We all chuckled and went up to the counter to grab some toast. Luke did a pretty good job for the state he was in.

~fast forward to the end of the school day~

School was the usual for me. Nothing new except for one of Amanda's skank friends got caught making out in the locker room with one of the "jocks", Amanda got so pissed when Luke laughed about it that she left him alone in the cafeteria. That's when the others and I actually sat down next to him because Amanda's friends had been crowding the table. He looked real sad, but got over it soon.

At around 7pm Becca came over to get ready for the party. She was already dressed, so was I. We just needed to put on make-up to go along with our costumes.

Around thirty minutes later we were ready to start heading to the party, We hopped into my car and drove off to the highway.

Around fifteen minutes later we spotted Amanda's house, it was crowded with people all over the place. There was a gate leading to her driveway and a man let us in, he must have been security or something. Then we spotted look and the others all dressed with torn pants and shirts and etc. we walked up to where they were, Amanda was there with them

She was a playboy bunny, not so surprising that she'd be that for Halloween, it was typical Amanda.

-All four of the boys at once "Hey, the ladies are here!"

They covered us in a gigantic bear hug. Amanda didn't look to happy about Luke's arms being around me, it looked like she was trying to tell me back off using her eyes.

About two hours into the party Amanda had disappeared while Luke was getting some "punch". Luke noticed that she was gone too and brought me to go find her. He'd called her twice but she didn't answer. He was getting worried that she might have pasted out somewhere. He brought me upstairs to see if she was in her room. Light was peeking under the ridge of the door. Luke opened the door to find Daryn on top of Amanda with legs spread wide, they were in the middle of having sex!

-Luke "What is this, how could you! Daryn you knew I was with her why would you do this!"

Luke threw the first punch as Daryn was zipping up his pants, he hit him right on his eye. I looked over to see Amanda struggling to get her costume zipped up also. Luke and Daryn were engaging in the worst fight I'd ever seen. Luke was pushed against a dresser but he kneed Daryn in the stomach. They were both so bloody.

-Luke "That's it Amanda I'm done with you! Get out of my life!"

Luke stormed out the house. I followed him, I knew he'd need to talk to someone.

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