When Elena moves to a new school and meets a group of boys she's love struck by Luke Hemmings, the sweet/bad boy of the group. There's just one problem, how is she gonna fix his broken heart?

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6. saturday

Luke's POV

After Friday night's event I've decided to be more conscious around Daryn. I spent Saturday with Elena, we went to a river in the morning. Friday was the first time I kissed her, I want more of her now.

While we were at the river we spent time talking about problems going on in our life. I found out that Elena had been losing some sleep over the past year from keeping Amanda's affair a secret, she says she feels free now. I told her my own problems too. They mainly consisted of Amanda. She'd probably stay a problem for the rest of the year.

After the river we left to have dinner at a Thai restaurant which was pretty good. By the time it was 8pm I was bringing Elena to the woods so I could show her what I had in mind for her. I new when the moon and the stars would be up and I brought her to an area in the woods where it was clear of any trees. Early in the morning I had set up an area there and put blankets and pillows there, I wanted to fall asleep under the same sky with her, I wanted to share a memory like that with her.

When it came the time that the moon and stars were laid beautifully across the sky I planned to say how I felt about her. She means a lot to me and always will. When we got there I brought her to the blankets and laid down with her.

-Elena "Thanks for bringing me out here, it's beautiful."

-Me "You know I need to tell you something."

-Elena "Yeah?"

-Me "Ever since I met you you've always been special to me, I've always cared for you. It would be great to spend every moment I have free with you. I want you to be my girlfriend."

She sat up on her elbows and kissed me.

-Elena "You know, I've loved you since the day I met you, and I still do, so make out with me already!"

She giggled and I grabbed her around her waist and brought her over me. Our lips met and caressed each other while she put her hands on my chest and my hands on her waist. Our mouths went in sync with each other as I glided my hands across her spine. I really wanted her, I really needed her.

-Elena "Not today silly. Lets watch the sky for now it's so amazing at this time."

Time went by and we slowly fell asleep in each others arms. Just what I wanted.

...When we both fall asleep underneath the same sky, to the beat of our hearts at the same time...

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